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Here is a hotseat PPT ideal for the start of a lesson. Just a series of images I collected last year. I have a few more that I used for a higher level so will post them soon. Never had this game fall flat!

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Here are the other ones

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Sorry if I'm alone in this but how do you play hotseat?

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Hotseat is flippin brilant game
1. get students into two teams
2. one student sits in front of the board
3. teacher writes 5-10 words on the board
4. students get 1 minute 30 secs to explain the words without saying them.
5. all students have a go in the "hot Seat"
6. team with most points wins.
7. students will love this game, unless they are shy.

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Sorry, really should have explained...

I do it slightly differently. First I split the class into two teams. Then I put two chairs in front of but facing away from the tv screen/projector screen. One person from each team has to sit on the chairs and I show the rest of the class a slide of the PPT. The rest of the class must describe the picture to their team member. The first person in the hotseat to shout out the correct answer gets the point.

Couple of rules to enforce: No Korean or it's minus points, and obviously they can't say the word to the person in the hotseat.

I also change it up and allow acting for lower level classes.