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Re: Photographing strangers?
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And I certainly don't consider myself a very good photographer, but here is a Flickr album of my trip to Vietnam last winter.


Don't sell yourself short because there are always a lot of people lining up to do it for you. These are quite nice.

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Re: Photographing strangers?
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I also have a new camera, but it is a DSLR. Does anyone happen to actually know how to ask if it is okay to take a photo in Korean? (Not to be lazy, it just usually happens that sometimes translator sites or vocabulary books aren't 100% accurate.)

Also, thanks to everyone who posted! This was a really neat thread to read!

"Picture" is 사진 and the verb for "take a picture" is 찍다.  The verb is easy to remember because 찍 is supposedly the sound the shutter makes  :smiley:

사진 찍어고 싶어요. 괜찮아요?    I want to take a picture.  Is it okay?

사진 찍어도 되요?    May I take a picture?

The second one is probably easier to remember.  Just FYI, 고 싶어요 is the verb ending for I want to.  도 되요 is the verb ending for May I...  You can add these to any verb stem in Korean. 

My fiancée wasn't around to check my spelling :undecided:  But it should be mostly correct.

Thank you so much! This is great!