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2014 Golden Bell quiz
« on: June 24, 2014, 10:16:47 am »
In case you don't know, "Golden Bell" is/was a TV show on KBS where high school students would answer quiz-type questions and impress the grownups with how smart they are.

So it's a pretty common thing for coteachers to want to do at the end of the semester to show the principal and head teachers how much the kids have learned.

Basically, you start with a group of 100 kids, and ask them a true/false question (which they call "X/O quiz". Everyone who answers incorrectly is out. You do the X/O until you get to a manageable number, then sit them down with a whiteboard and a board marker. You ask a question, they write it on their whiteboard, then hold it up, and whoever gets it wrong is eliminated. That's all there is to it!

I made this list of 60 questions, and my coteachers gave the kids the list (WITHOUT the answers) a week before the Golden Bell event. A lot of the kids memorized the answers to the questions.

We did this in the gym with about 100 Middle School first grade students. The principal and all the head teachers were there to watch. They were impressed with how many students knew all the answers!

In a 45 minute class period, we got through 10 of the T/F questions and 20 of the short answer questions, and still had 6 students who had gotten all the answers correct, out of 100 students to start with.

If I had this to do again, I would leave some of the easier questions (like “a farm”, “an airport”) out of the list given to students, so that they'll have to answer some of the questions on the fly. I would also put a couple of more difficult questions (that they hadn't seen) at the end of the the short answer section.

I would also put in another listening comprehension question. The one I did (“Which number is missing?”) weeded out a few students, but I think a better question would be something like, How do you respond to this question: 'What time did you eat lunch today?' or 'What are you going to do this weekend?' These are basic patterns that they have studied this semester, so they should be able to write a short answer response.

Re: 2014 Golden Bell quiz
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We brought the kids back today for a final round, with some more difficult questions. Here's what I asked:

What do you do on weekends?
(teachers, please check their answers)

What did you do yesterday?
(teachers, please check their answers)

What are you going to do tomorrow?
(teachers, please check their answers)

The square root of four is two. The square root of nine is three. What is the square root of sixty-four?

Name three countries where English is the most common native language.
(teachers, please check their answers)

If a mother and father have a baby girl, she is their ________.

Who is the current President of the United States?
Barack Obama

In which country was the game of soccer invented?
England/the UK

What temperature does water boil at?
one hundred degrees

Name three countries in the European Union.
(teachers, please check their answers)

Re: 2014 Golden Bell quiz
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Do you have the ppt of the actual golden bell? I would definitely be interested in checking it ou.

Re: 2014 Golden Bell quiz
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I posted the .ppt at the top of this thread, along with my questions in a .doc!

EDIT: oh, it says "awaiting moderator approval". I'll check it tomorrow to see if they approved it. Meanwhile, here's a link to my Google Drive:
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