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Re: Unique Problem
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Just as a side question. Have any of you ever lied about not speaking English or about returning soon? I know I have read on this site that sometimes people pretend they don't speak English and it is possible that in this country not everyone who is white speaks English. There are a number of Russian, French, Spanish, and even German speakers in this country. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to just say I was visiting a friend and I'm returning to Canada tomorrow. I'm American but it would throw him off more I guess.

Haha, this doesn't always work! My friend tried speaking Russian to some guy in order to scare him off and the guy just replied, "You're not Russian! Why are you lying to me?" In Russian.

Also, older people may well speak French or German as those used to be the language options in public schools here. If you're gonna try to sneak by in a third language, make it Klingon.

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Re: Unique Problem
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Some people have said that this is not entirely unique and I'm not trying to say that it has never happened but I wanted to ask about the comment. When Koreans want English lessons don't they normally ask straight up? I have had Koreans ask for themselves or their children and said no but this guy seems like he is beating around the bush about it. That is why I thought it was unique, plus to ask for a phone number. I mean I understand the questions are not particularly abnormal but when coupled with the Kakao Talk and Story, oh and also the wanting to take a picture of me. I thought it was kind of strange.

* No Some adults do no ask straight up. Some simply just try to befriend any English speakers they see. Maybe they traveled abroad before and miss speaking in English / miss the community they felt while abroad. Perhaps they are lonely. Or they just want to brush up on their long lost speaking skills.....maybe they do have the hots for you! But usually, its just to practice speaking English.

* I had a (stranger) middle aged man stop in the middle of a highway, ask me if I was a teacher, then asked for my number, and then invited me to go to dinner with him. So no, your kakao and phone number story isn't too strange.

*I met a Korean man last weekend and gave him directions to an H&M (grand total of 5 minutes) and an hour later he found me at a restaurant, asked for my number, took my picture and messaged me about a billion times within a 3 day radius. He then proceeded to call me a few times. said something about how he missed me.
Took him about a week to spill out he just wanted to practice English because he missed studying (and speaking English) abroad and also he was from the town I teach in and that made us good pals apparently.

You're going to meet all kids of Koreans both weird and amazing. But they all have a reason for the things they do and all have a story. Some of these people are weird and may be off-putting but they can be really interesting acquaintances if given the chance.
Koreans tend to be a bit more ...blunt . Don't take it as a weird thing when they all ask for your number. That's normal here.

Others can be like my 55 year old married "friend" who wanted to buy me expensive dinners and pay me for lessons. **note, I have ceased to talk with him because he creeps the crap out of me...but still he was harmless**

 If you really are uncomfortable with this guy then just ignore him. Eventually he'll get the hint and find a new foreigner friend to harass. If he seems alright then give him a try and meet him in a public place with a group of people. This way you are not alone and he has the opportunity to talk to other people besides just you. 

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Re: Unique Problem
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This won't help you since he already knows you speak English, but my preferred dodging technique is signing. When sketchy people I don't know try to start a conversation with me, I answer in sign language. Usually I politely sign, "I don't understand you." Usually that is enough to freak people out and make them run away  ;D Given the lack of knowledge about sign language and the fact that ASL and Korean sign language are different languages, it wont matter if you use legitimate signing or just move your hands randomly.

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Re: Unique Problem
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Met an ajossi at the park that seemed nice. We exchanged info and he started getting weird on Kakao. "Let's go to Seoul today. I bought tickets." I decline politely and he responds "cancel tickets ㅠ". Same deal next weekend..."We go to movie theater 8:30". Decline. "ㅠ". Finally he admits he's jealous that his friends hang out with foreigners (basically wants a trophy foreigner friend to flaunt). I tell him I'm uncomfortable with this and he should find someone else. Massive flow of messages/guy blows up my phone. I stop responding and he says I should block him if I don't want to be his friend....apparently he doesn't have the self-control to block me himself?

Don't beat around the bush like him. Just speak honestly and say that you can't/don't want to help him with his English. Your situation is far from unique and we foreigners in Korea have the ability to attract the craziest of the lot.

Re: Unique Problem
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Where are you guys meeting these people? I'm tired of language exchanges. I want a Korean friend who just gives.