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Simple story making
« on: April 08, 2011, 10:23:23 am »
This lesson is best if you're tired and don't want to use powerpoint, also if you don't want to lecture on a lesson.  It also helps students to be creative and funny.

Story Making:

Divide students to 4-5 per in a group.   Let each group select a topic that you write on the board so they have focus and topics can be anything the group chooses.  Also give them the option to change it later. Give them an example of what you will do such as having a pre-written script.  I used things they could relate too.

1. Teacher it is too early.
2. Jiho eats a lot in the book.
3. I want to kill Ji Hye.
4. G H E T T O  E L E C T R O   GDragon and TOP High High.

 Have 1 person write a sentence on a paper then hand it to the next person.  Then have that person write a sentence then fold the 1st persons sentence, the next person will see only the sentence the 2nd person wrote and they will write their sentence.  Then they will fold their paper so the 3rd person can only see the last sentence written and so on....

Make sure you tell the students not to peak at the previous sentences written.  Tell them it has to be comedic so you and your coteacher can laugh about it.  Then after passing each group 1 blank piece of paper tell them they must write 2-3 sentences each or fill up the entire page.

Leaving 10-15 min for reading the story, students within groups do rock paper scissors, to find the loser to read in front of the class.
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