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What do they look like? How to describe peoples' looks
« on: April 08, 2011, 09:29:44 am »
One of my most successful lessons, this .ppt pretty much teaches itself.  It covers four different phrases that we can use to describe people (and sometimes things/animals): "be" ("He is tall."), "be + wearing" ("She is wearing a sweater."), "have" ("He has brown hair and blue eyes."), and "look + like" ("He looks like Justin Beiber.). 

Included is a .ppt file that covers each grammar point followed by a large collection of bizarre/hilarious/gross pictures of people and animals (many "Guinness World Record holders").  I typically make a competition and award a point for every correct sentence the students can come up with to describe the pictures.

If time remains their are two auxiliary activities - the first is a description game, where students pair up.  Each one has a different picture, and they take turns describing their picture to their partner who will then try and draw it based on the descriptions (you'll have to print those pictures out, but feel free to use any pictures you please; another option is to simply have one student (the "listener" turn their back to the screen).  Award points for the most accurate/best artistry.

The second game is Harry Potter "Guess Who" (instructions included in the .ppt).

Really, I've had great success with this, I hope you have the opportunity to give it a try!

Happy teaching  :)

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Re: What do they look like? How to describe peoples' looks
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 04:28:15 pm »
i use waygook mostly as an inspiration spark... i get ideas then make them my own.  thanks for the help! i didn't want to create an entire new thread, so i figured i just post my stuff here.  again, sorry for typos, and my students can't believe that i used to look different (always had different hair color/style) so i put some personal photos at the beginning as a way of showing that even just to describe one person you need tons of different words...

two day lesson.  day one, show the ppt, pass out vocab list, then play a game of guess who.  i dont like to print out 300 copies of worksheets, especially if it is in color, so i used berryfunnyenglish.c om random student selector and had one student at a time come to the front of the class while i put a picture on screen behind him.  he had cut out photos on the desk in front of him and as he asked the rest of the class questions (yes/no) he could flip of the pictures until he figures out which picture was behind him. 

on the second day, i did a quick review of the vocab, then had half the class leave the room while i showed the rest of the students a picture. i had them take notes on the image, then when their partners returned they explained the picture to them so they could draw it.  HILARIOUS.  i have all boys, some are amazing artists, and the others just had a blast making funny pictures. 

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Re: What do they look like? How to describe peoples' looks
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2011, 04:32:13 pm »
I'm really looking forward to doin this lesson with my students, I think they'll love it.