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Just read this, I've been a teacher for 2 years and half this stuff kind of came naturally to me and my understanding, but reading it as an essay just pushed home some of the many things I've learnt.

Great essay about the troubles of Learning for students

Thanks for the article.

I don't try to correct students when they pronounce the "f" sound as "p" as in "beautiful = beautipul" or "v" as "b", but I notice that some co-teachers may interrupt and try to correct students. Other co-teachers interrupt and explain or pronounce words incorrectly.

As for classroom behavior, I wish someone would acknowledge and give advice to teachers who work at vocational high schools. The general idea conveyed by many articles is that students are diligent and want to do well in order to get into a good university. That is not the case for vocational high schools. I think these students have the idea that the system has given up on them and pushed them out of the 'normal' curriculum, so why should they bother to pay attention in class?

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    • September 20, 2011, 04:01:08 pm
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Here is a fascinating article about the Korean education system and their possibly flawed over emphasis on test taking... It put things into persepctive for for me.

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Here is an academic article I wrote about Korean specific language learning difficulties. Probably helpful to newcomers.
Galmoe Middle School Debate Website galmoedebate.weebly .com

Scholarly Website about Language Acquisition