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Re: Fun Christmas Game with bonus rounds (low level, but can be adapted)
« Reply #120 on: December 21, 2011, 11:36:25 pm »
Thanks a ton! My students love this game.

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Christmas Around the World
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I decided to make a lesson looking at four countries we don't usually associate with Christmas time.

Covered in the lesson are, Italy, Ethiopia, Iran and Japan.

As a warm-up, I show the song from Love Actually, All I Want For Christmas.

I then ask them about Christmas food, activities and what Santa looks like.

We then go through the PPT together and I watch as their boy faces spread into a load of shrieking when they find that Italy's Santa is not a in fact a 'glamour' woman, but instead is a witch. They also get a kick out of Hoteiosho and his extra set of eyes.

I follow up the lesson with the Simpsons Doughnut game. When a team lands on the 'lose all points' slide, I let them choose a number between 1 and 10, and we  then watch the associated video together.

I found some short Christmas, Simpsons and Shuffling videos ( all which seem to amuse the boys) :

The winning team gets Pepero as a Christmas treat!

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Christmas Jeopardy PPT
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I've been using this lesson for the past week in all of my middle school classes, from grade one to three.  And even my grade 3's who have really checked out by this point got into it.

The PPT is fully editable, so if you wanted to grade the language or change the questions then you can do that too.  For two of the answers the question box at the bottom of the page has decided to stop working, so you need to manually force the answer through using the hidden arrows at the bottom left of the screen.  (Its the 400 and 500 point questions on Xmas Symbols).

Anyway, hope this is useful!  It saved my life this past week.

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Re: Christmas Jeopardy PPT
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Thank you for this!  Jeopardy's really versatile and being that it is the holiday season this works perfectly.

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Re: Christmas Jeopardy PPT
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This is simple and awesome. My kids always like Jeopardy. We enjoyed Jeopardy, Christmas song, and watching one of 'Friends' Christmas episode. Epic enough. I really appreciate this!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
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Here is a Winter themed scavenger hunt I plan to use for one lesson during my Winter camp.  I seriously plagiarized this thing HARD from someone that made a Halloween themed scavenger hunt, all I did was change the pictures of the ppt to make it Christmas themed and change the activities  vocabulary around to make it winter themed instead of Halloween.  I used this lesson plan in October and the kids went crazy for it, it's very successful.

I can't remember who made this activity so I apologize for not giving you credit.  Claim it if you did :)

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Re: Christmas Lesson and Game
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Thanks! I used it with my 1st graders and they were really into it.
We had much fun and I really appreciate your work. Thanks again.

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Re: Another Christmas lesson
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totally not the right time of year but what the hell!

Re: Christmas - Middle School
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a combination of various intro to christmas ppts...and also the christmas seed game slightly modified. i introduced more videos into the ppt, and started the class off with a video clip of kpop idols singing christmas carols.

the mp3 files you need for the seed game.

Re: Christmas - Middle School
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Here is a lesson about Christmas in England that I will do next week for middle school. I have also made a Christmas Frozen Bomb Game based on the PPT (thanks to the person who created the template).

This will also work as a lesson for elementary students if there is a co-teacher to help translate.

Re: Christmas - Middle School
« Reply #130 on: December 18, 2018, 11:00:09 am »
Christmas themed escape room. I downloaded this free resource, but it's too hard for my elementary kids. Hopefully someone here can use it.