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    • August 31, 2011, 01:23:37 pm
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Here's a lesson I made with a news article about pandas. 8)

You can give your kids the news article and then translate it. It should be easy for 2nd grade middle school kids. 1st grad high level students can also do it.

For the warm up game, it's  sometimes called "The Five By Five" game.

This is where the student tries to guess a five letter word. Each time they guess write the word up on the board. Write the correct letters in Red or blue, and the wrong letters in black.

Example, if the word is "Break" and the first guess is "Brown", then write "1. Brown."

They have five chances to get the word correct. So, Five letter words, five guesses, hence "Five By Five."

On the slides just click on the places where the correct letter is. If they guess the whole thing right, click on "Right!"

You can do this without the PPT and just use the black/white board.


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Re: Wrestling Pandas: News Article (MS high level first grade and up)
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Thanks a lot. Will be using your PPT in no time!