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Re: Arriving in April
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I would recommend packing a box of warm clothes, toiletries, and a heavy coat at home if possible.  THen after you arrive and find a good address to have your items shipped, either home or the school, you can have it take its time arriving as you will not need cold weather items for a while. 

Re: Arriving in April
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As someone living in Jeolla in one of the colder cities i would say its okay to leave the jacket at home.  I went through the whole winter with nothing more than a peacoat and i was just fine.  I started leaving my jacket at home for the last few days as it is starting to get much warmer.  Mornings are around 5-6 and afterschool has been around 13-15.  Where abouts are you placed?

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Re: Arriving in April
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I'd definitely say bring deodorant. Aerosol deodorants here are six or seven times the price they are in the UK, and there's a very small selection available. Even when they're occasionally on two for one, they still work out pretty expensive. I always get people to bring a couple extra when they come out to visit because I can't get the brand I like here, and I begrudge paying so much!