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I made a ppt going over the time frames of morning, afternoon, evening and night since my 4th graders are pretty smart and how to use these relating to telling the time (ex: it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon).

There's also writing sentence practice and also an exercise to  make sure they knew how to write their numbers. :D So the sentence is fully written out with letters and they gotta write out the sentence with the numerical form of the written number.

:)  Keep fighting!

"What Time Is It?" song and ppt. When you start the ppt, the song starts playing and the slides transition automatically.

It's a very simple song that covers "What time is it?"/"It's X o'clock."/"It's time for school/lunch/bed" "Let's go."

I'm thinking it might be better than the song in the book.

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Sentence and picture matching game.

The object of the game is to connect the sentences with the pictures. Students form groups and roll dice and we count clockwise starting from the upper left corner until we come to the square they land on. Then they have to match the picture with the correct sentence. You can use whatever point system you want. I just upped the points for each round.
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I know A few have mentioned using their own variation of 'What time is it Mr. Wolf?'.  I can reccommend (tried and tested) the original version (vid).  I used the Youtube video, both as a good example for English liestening for the the students as well as making Ts job easier in exlpaining the rules of the game.

Due to the lack of space in the classroom I broke the class into boys/girls groups.  It worked perfectly.  Haven't seen my kids so excited about wanting to play a game...

I made this simple song that my students enjoyed, Tick Tock. I like to read the lyrics first and make sure they know how to say the words,then I play the slow song a couple of times until they get the feel of the song. Once they get their confidence, the fast version keeps them from boredom. Have fun!!!
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Hey Waygookins ~
Check out this website for live streams of world cities.

For "motivation" to start class tomorrow I plan to show a live stream of Times Square, NYC (Assuming, of course, that the school hasn't blocked the site - 50/50 chance, maybe).  I'll ask them "What time is it in Seoul?" and "What time is it in New York?"  I will find out after 1~2 classes if this interests my 4th grade students or not.  If not there's probably a SpongeBob-related video that will do just fine.

I'll be using this for Period 3.  I'm working on a modified info-gap activity for "Act & Play" which I will post later.  Thought this would tie in nicely to the time zone/world city theme.

Here's some stuff I created to go along with "Act & Play" on page 39.  Now that I look at it, I think I'd rather just have the students use their books rather than create more paper waste, but the work is done, so maybe someone else will find it useful.

*Less waste version* 
Print off slides 1 and 2.  Make 1 double sided copy for each class (enough for up to 30 students).  Make sure you print in such a way that the countries match their names & times.  Cut out the cards and pass one out to each student.  (print 1 and laminate if you have time--I won't)

Give the students a set time (5 min?) to find as many people as they can from the 6 non-Korean countries.  2 students meet.  They play RSP and the winner gets to ask the question "What time is it there?"  They loser will say "It is ___ o'clock AM/PM" and "It's time for ___"  The other student writes in in his/her book.

*ecologically irresponsible version*
Same as above, except you have to print slide 3 (divide number of students in your class by 4 for # of prints).

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What time is it ppt to review images for the land game and land game. I added time for a shower to the vocab and even my low levels get it easily since it's almost the same as in Korean. I give them about 10-15 minutes to play in partners. Always goes over well

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Bonjour a tous,

Here are some vocabulary and reading card to challenge your students at the read and write stage of the lesson. . I use these in reading / writing games.


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Here's a worksheet to review Lesson 4.  It includes drawing the time, connect the clock to the time, connect the picture to the sentence, and a word search.

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Here's a song and video I made for teaching about time and routines. Hope it helps!