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Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us!
« on: September 16, 2011, 11:52:45 am »
Here's what I have for Grade 3, Lesson 8: "Boomerang on Us."  (which is a phrase I've never heard spoken naturally in my life; have you?) 

I am also showing them the BBC Planet Earth "Jungles" episode (from 4:44 onwards), and having them complete the accompanying worksheet.   You can easily skip this if you don't have access to that episode!

Also, there are some Earth Day themed lessons floating around this website that might work out well for this lesson.

Chapter 8 Grade 3 "Boomerang on Us"

Duchess Rachel made a fantastic powerpoint and worksheet on the environment. I am using it for the chapter "Boomerang On Us"

Here it is for you that missed it. All credit to "Duchessrachel"

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For gr 3 chapter 8 I'm using some of these resources:

A story about CO2

The quickest global warming slide show

A youtube animation


BTW, 'boomerang on us'?  ::)

Sounds like it could be on . I swear to god, this textbook was written by randomly selecting words from a hat. 

Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us!
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Please post your lesson plans and materials for Middle School English 3 by 장영희Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us! in reply to this thread.

Re: Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us!
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Here is my basic PPT for this lesson. As the week goes on I usually adapt it by simplifying it for lower levels. The Balderdash game is quite advanced, and you'll need to proofread their answers on the spot to make them convincing when you read them out.

I practised playing this game with my CT with the lowest English level and she loved it. The C level students enjoyed it (asking for one more round even when the bell had already rung). You must emphasise that the object of the game is to try to guess which meaning THE TEACHER said, not to vote for their own. Higher level students can bring in some strategy by voting for themselves with a justification that tricks others into voting for them, thereby winning them points, but it's a risk. If everyone votes for themselves, no one gets points except the teacher.

Hopefully it goes over well in the class. The lower levels students definitely need more vocabulary preparation before all the information overloading about global warming.

This PPT covers the listening part, listening activities and communication spotlight.

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Re: Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us!
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lesson 8 kakao game