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Re: 2014 Grade 4 Cheonjae 1 - 3. I'm Happy
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4th Period
  • Good mornings, review with the ppt including having students raise their hands after forming the Are you~~~? questions
  • Explain the title of the show time story
  • Watch the Disney The Little Matchgirl short
  • Intro the characters from the textbook. Listen to the textbook story. Ask what did you hear? then Listen and repeat.
  • Cloze activity with the story text, listening and going line by line.
  • Listen and repeat or read together again.
  • Some students wanted to act it out so I let a few groups do that.
  • Then Check Up :))

There's also a Word Lotto in the PPT but I didnt have time to get through it.

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Re: 2014 Grade 4 Cheonjae 1 - 3. I'm Happy
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Here is a Secret Code game for Period 1 focusing on listening. Say each sentence and student write down the matching number. It helps to review about two or three times before you play and for each slide.

After they read the code there is a GIF that match one of the key expressions. Have one student answer and then repeat as a whole class.
Have fun!

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Re: 2014 Grade 4 Cheonjae 1 - 3. I'm Happy
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This is a Pokemon themed feelings PPT I made for this lesson that only has the vocabulary. I included translations, but you might want to double check them with your co. I hope it's useful!
I'm also going to add the worksheet that goes with the PPT. It's very basic. I have my students write the translation, but they can also write the word in English to practice spelling.
I included the Read & Talk section of the book on the worksheet as well.
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