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Spelling Bee template
« on: February 18, 2014, 10:46:12 am »
Adaptable spelling bee template.

I have issues with my grade 5 elementary class with writing and spelling.

My co allows me 10 mins every week to conduct a spelling test of kinds.

A student is invited to the front.
They face away from the interactive board.
I reveal the word to the class and the child gets 30 seconds to spell it.
(We use vocab from the current chapter of the book we are covering - it's fairly informal)

This template has been designed so that it is potentially compatible with Middle school with size for eleven letter words. (And pigs might fly POTENTIALLY...oh eleven letters 대박).

I am considering approaching my Middle school to run it as a competition to drive learning of new more varied vocab as an extra curricular activity.

Hope it's useful.