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Re: E-Mart Point Card?
« Reply #20 on: February 22, 2013, 12:21:34 am »
I have had great success with my Lotte Mart member's card. Probably at least twice, maybe even three times a year, I get up to 30 or even 40,000 won off my purchases! I do buy a lot of groceries though, and almost always shop at Lotte Mart as opposed to other groceries.

I also have lotte membership card.

I've had my point card for a long time too. I rack up a lot of points and I go to the movies at Lotte Cinema, or sometimes I use it to pay down my grocery bill.

Also, the card is required to get certain sale discounts you might see advertised in the store. Sometimes the sale requires you to have a card. This isn't too often, but it's saved me big bucks on things like shampoo.

I had a Korean friend help me fill out the form. My card doesn't have my name on it though, kind of a bummer! I wonder how I can get a card with my name, it would look cooler. I noticed other people's cards have their names on it.

Re: E-Mart Point Card?
« Reply #21 on: February 22, 2013, 07:33:45 am »
I find the Homeplus point card to be pretty good.

Sometimes some of the specials are only for card members, and i get points against every single purchase i buy (no matter how big or small).

After 6 or 12 months, i usually have about 10 or 20 000 points, and 1 point equals 1 won. So you end up being able to get a voucher or similar to use.

In general, I love the point systems that exist in's usually pretty fair in the number of points you get and it's great to be able to knock a few thousand won off your bills here and there (I had 8 000 points on on my CJOne card without even knowing it! That was a nice discount)
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