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    • March 06, 2011, 10:15:07 pm
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So, I'm just about to sign a contract with an off-shore Canadian school for part-time teaching.  Here are the deets which I will follow up with my question:

Teaching Hours: 4:30-6:30, M-F
Pay: 45,000/ teaching hour
Duties/ Responsibilities: 
-- teach 10 hours/ week
-- gather all books/ materials and build curriculum for two classes:
    A.  One class is focused around holistic learning through language arts, math, social studies, english grammar, reading comp, conversation and presentation, writing, arts and crafts, cooking, music, and physical activities.
    B.  And the other is for prep PSAT through vocabulary learning, writing, reading and testing.
-- Other normal teaching duties: progress reports, daily lesson planning, follow school rules

That comes out to 1.8 mil/ month (gross income).

My gut is telling me that the work load/ school's expectations and the pay are out of balance.  I've tried negotiating the terms of the contract once before, asking them to put a specific number of c.d. hours into my contract.  They said asking for 3 extra hours per week for contracted curriculum development time was too much. 

My question to Waygook: What do you think would be a reasonable monthly salary to carry out these job duties/ responsibilities?  (BTW, I'm estimating at most 10 hours of c.d. per week).


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    • September 27, 2011, 11:51:01 am
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It really depends on how many students you will be teaching.

For 1-5 students - lessons, progress reports, lesson planning etc for 1.8 will not be too shabby. You'll be teaching 2 hours a day, plus another estimated 2 hours for the non-teaching responsibilities.

If you're teaching 8 students or more, you'll have to start factoring the non-teaching responsibilities with your spare time and how it may affect your full-time employment....makin g daily/weekly progress reports for 8-10+ students for that money wouldn't sound too appealing to me, especially when I have to prepare for my full-time job as well.