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E-2 to D-10 (can we collect our pension)
« on: January 25, 2014, 07:28:58 pm »
Yes, another D-10 question.:huh:

If we transfer from a D-10 to an E-2 visa (and leave the country for a couple of weeks) is it possible to collect our lump sum pension refund? When we apply for the pension refund we give immigration an e-ticket showing that we are leaving the country. Remember, they don't ask if we are coming back - just whether we are leaving. Can we show them a one-way ticket, then change it to a return ticket and apply for the D-10. Once the D-10 is in hand we leave Korea for a few weeks (on a one-way ticket as far as the pension office is concerned) then return to our pension.

Has anyone successfully done this?

Another question: Do we even need to wait to get our D-10 "card"? Or can we simply fill out the paperwork, get a receipt showing that it's in the works, then leave for a few weeks. Once we return to Incheon airport the staff will see on their computers that we have a D-10. We'd probably just need to stay out long enough for the D-10 to be approved and entered on the computers. Or am I being robustly naive.

Any thoughts?
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