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A-Z Wipeout powerpoint game
« on: December 24, 2013, 02:11:56 pm »
During the late 90's in the UK, there was a quiz show called wipeout (not Total Wipeout) hosted by Paul Daniels where contestants had to find the correct answers to a given question without choosing one of the wrong answers - The wipeout.

I have tried t put together a powerpoint game based on this concept. Teams are given a question as well as 12 possible answers. 8 answers are correct and 4 are incorrect.


Which of the following are colours?

Blue Yellow Pink Red Green Black White Orange Dog Cat Lion Pig

There are multiple ways of playing:

A) Teams take it in turns to make a guess getting points for correct answers and losing for incorrect.

B) Auction Style - Team A is offered the chance to name 4 correct answers, if they say yes, then Team B is offered the chance to name 5 and so on until either only one team is left bidding, or a team has agreed to name all 8.

C) Time Challenge - All Teams arer given 2 minutes to write down as many right answers as they think they know. When the time is up, ask each team how many they think they got. Whoever got the most correct answers (with no incorrect answers) is the winner of the round.

THe version I am attaching uses A-Z as the theme and the questions are maybe a little on the difficult side for younger kids, but it should be easy to modify and change answers I hope.

Hope somebody finds it useful.

Re: A-Z Wipeout powerpoint game
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2013, 01:10:11 pm »
Thanks for sharing. I think this is going to go over really well in my winter camp.