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Gmarket vs 11st
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:23:25 am »
So I live in a small rural town so furniture stores are not really here. I tried to order a couch of gmarket and waited for like 2 months with no result. I thought that since it was a all but sold out item that was the case but after dealing with it I tried to order another couch and its been about 7 days with the same outcome. Not only that I saw the same couch for cheaper on 11st. So I am thinking of canceling the gmarket order again and going to 11st. Or should I give up and stop wasting my time and possibly money.

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Re: Gmarket vs 11st
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 10:38:52 am »
It really all depends on the actual seller in the end but I have found 11st to be much better for customer service and website design. 11st and Gmarket are both marketplaces not retailers in and of themselves.

Your last order probably never went through because you didn't make specific delivery arrangements with the seller. Have your coteach give the seller a call after the order is in to confirm your order and arrange a time and place for delivery. It won't come via the usual couriers and will probably be on a bongo truck if it's a couch.
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Re: Gmarket vs 11st
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i know this isn't directly related to the OPs question, but on the subject of 11st, i've found that the search results you get if you go to the English version of the site are usually severely limited. searching the Korean version usually returns a lot more results.

Re: Gmarket vs 11st
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A quick tip:

With some items, if you search using (price comparison site), the vendor you link to from there might choose to give you a price discount.  Sometimes there are deals this way, which save you a small percentage over just searching the item on 11st or Gmarket first.  Try it sometime... you'll often find you can save a few dollars this way.

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Re: Gmarket vs 11st
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I live on a rural island, and since moving here and finding's english service, I have rarely used Gmarket. I think the great thing about it is that it seems a little easier for me to find a seller who uses the post office, which is faster and cheaper for me, being on an island. I also prefer the layout of 11st. It is just cleaner.

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Re: Gmarket vs 11st
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If you know the name of the item that you want to buy, you can go to and type it into the search bar and you will get a list of results including websites, blogs, cafes and a section with the pictures of the items with the price and website under it. That section is called "지식쇼핑" which means shopping with knowledge. At the bottom right of that section, you'll see a link that reads "지식쇼핑 더보기" which means "see more." If you click on that, you will get a comparison of the prices of all the major online markets as well as the less famous ones and its associated delivery fees. That way, you can see which online market is the cheapest.