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Pyeongchon/Indeogwon. What's there to do after work?
« on: March 26, 2011, 08:28:10 pm »
I'm currently leaving near Pyeongchon and Indeogwon stations on line 4.

I like staying active instead of just staying home and watching TV.

What is there to do after work in the Pyeongchon/Indeogwon area?

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Re: Pyeongchon/Indeogwon. What's there to do after work?
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2011, 08:38:39 am »
I guess that depends what you like to do. I would say there is more to do in the Pyeongchon/Beomgye area, though. Indeogwon can be void of things to do unless you like night clubs for drunk business men, booking clubs and love hotels.

If you like being outside you can run or ride your bike along the river. There is also Central Park which has badminton nets, a soccer field and outdoor exercise equipment. You can also find multiple basketball courts and an outdoor rollerblading thing. If you have your own equipment you can skate for free. The last time we went it was 3000won/pair to rent the blades.

Across from HomePlus is a community centre which has everything (pool, etc.) but I think you have to get a membership to do those activities. That is easier said than done. There is some kind of waiting list. They do have bowling there, though, which is cheap and anyone can go.

Other than that, it is like any city. There are coffee shops, gyms, department stores, movie theatres, screen golf, etc. everywhere. It is also close to Seoul Grand Park which is a great place to go. The National Science Museum is cool, there is an art gallery, the zoo is awesome, Seoul Land and it is also just a nice park to wander through.

Just explore and you will find things you like to do. We have lived here three years and love the neighbourhood. Sad to be leaving in a few weeks. Good luck!