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Teen Charged for Korean Student Murder in Brisbane, Australia
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:42:57 am »
Brisbane Australia, 23rd November 2013.

A man was charged for the murder of a Korean exchange student in Brisbane Australia, early this morning Australian time. Full details of the very tragic incident have not yet emerged. I feel so bad about the parents of the beautiful girl.
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Re: Teen Charged for Korean Student Murder
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2013, 09:03:10 am »
Saw this this morning. Very sad. There's quite a large (and growing) Korean community in Brisbane, so this is very sad to see. Glad to see that they have caught the man responsible for this.

working holiday Korean girl murdered in Australia
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2013, 11:02:07 am »
I always meet young 20-something Koreans who want to go abroad to study English, earn money, and have fun. The most popular working holiday countries for Koreans seem to be Canada and Australia. I always urge them to go as it's a great life changing experience. For the last year or so when the topic of working holidays comes up, Koreans always refer to a spate of recent attacks on asians in Australia. I tell them not to worry as if they use common sense and take precautionary measures (not walk alone at night etc) then they'll be fine.

It was only yesterday that i had this very conversation with a Korean who was deciding between Canada and Australia. So i was very sad to hear today's news story about a 22 year old Korean girl who was murdered in Brisbane. She only arrived in Brisbane a few weeks ago. I can't imagine that horrible moment when her parents heard the news. Tragic.

I wouldn't want news stories like this to put Koreans off going to Australia. 

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Re: Teen Charged for Korean Student Murder in Brisbane, Australia
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I'm from Brisbane and I heard about this story on Monday. It really is so sad and I can't and don't even want to imagine how her parents must be feeling. From talking to my friends back home it seems like everyone there is shocked as Brisbane is generally considered to be a very safe city to live in. Nothing really like Sydney's western suburbs that have a reputation for crime, I've lived in Brisbane for about 6 years and it feels like a very community and family-oriented city where people care about each other.

Last year (I was in Korea then as I am now) I heard a couple of times from my coworkers about a couple of incidents where Koreans were mugged in Australia. Yes, crime happens there as it unfortunately does in every country. But each time my coworkers seemed to interpret the incidents as "racially-based attacks on Koreans", rather than simple crimes of opportunity. In the case of the murder in Brisbane, the killer has already been arrested and he's stated that he just decided to do it because he's always fantasized about murder.

Australians like to pride ourselves on our diverse mix of cultures and people from all around the world and being welcoming and community spirited. This kind of incident sends a bad message to other countries, but I hope that most people will realize that this is an isolated incident and doesn't reflect the feelings of the majority of the Australian people. We're not all stupid, backwards, racist, violent idiots. It's just that incidents of that sort of people is what makes it into the news, because a young Korean girl being murdered in Australia makes "compelling news", while a crowd of locals turning up to her memorial service and laying teddy bears, flowers and expressing their sympathies to her parents sadly makes boring news...

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Re: Teen Charged for Korean Student Murder in Brisbane, Australia
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Yeah as an Aussie this is pretty disgusting to hear about. Most Australians are still trying to shake off racism issues from Cronulla and the odd racist rant some idiot has on public transport that is posted on Youtube. Just takes one mentally ill person to ruin it for everyone else.  Poor girl was just trying to go to her job to support herself in another country.

Really hope this guy goes away for a long time. Looking at his reported media history, he had "intentions to kill" so hopefully this premeditated side to him will land him extra jail time.

In terms of safety, I think there is a big difference in night culture between Australia and Korea. Coming to Korea I am astounded and the amount of young girls walking around (sometimes by themselves) late at night. In Australia none of my female friends would leave home by themselves after like 8pm because of potential violence related issues.

Very sad story though.