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미래엔 (Mirae-en) Grade 5, Lesson 9, Try Some!
« on: October 23, 2013, 10:06:26 pm »
...I have no idea why my school is still using this book for Grade 5 :-[ but I've had to create a couple of lessons/games for this book since no one seems to have posted much stuff. Hopefully this will help some lone person who is still stuck teaching from this book. :smiley:

First is a motivation PPT matching game using salty, sour, sweet, etc. (** note: Thanks to the original poster of this game which I found on Was a good time waster..  :azn: )

For Period 3, I think..or is it 4...we listened and practiced the video dialogues using a PPT. It's pretty self-explanatory -- fill in the blanks as more words disappear.

And then a Pass the Ball game. I had two bags -- one was empty and the other had slips of paper with food items written on them. Start each bag at a different place, but have them going in the same direction. (It will be less confusing for the kids.) When the music stops, the person with the empty bag is "A" and the person with the slips of food is "B". Person "B" must pick a paper in order to say his/her lines. "A" can answer freely for the last line.

Fix, adjust the PPT however you like. (** note: Thanks to the original poster of this PPT template.)

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Re: 미래엔 (Mirae-en) Grade 5, Lesson 9, Try Some!
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Found this idea on waygook, thanks to whoever came up with the original game idea!  I've used this game with 3rd and 5th graders and they all loved it. 
One team starts and whole class asks, "Do you want some more ...." (whatever food pic is on the slide)  The team can say, "Yes, please." or "No, thank you."  For every "Yes, please." or slide the team gets 1 point, and they go on to the next slide.  If they say, "No, thank you." Then it's the next team's turn.  Trick is if they get the slide that says, "I'm full."  They lose all their points.

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Re: 미래엔 (Mirae-en) Grade 5, Lesson 9, Try Some!
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Good for periods 3-6.

Re: 미래엔 (Mirae-en) Grade 5, Lesson 9, Try Some!
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Here is new words prezi for this topic:

And a link for a motivation video. I edited out the cursing and added some rudimentary subtitles to the buzzfeed video of Americans trying Korean snacks.