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The lesson focuses on this type of conversation:

A: We should go to the movies later.
B: I can't. I have to go to my brother's soccer match.
A: Let's watch a DVD after the match.
B: Sounds great.

Third graders don't want to do much in terms of school anyway, and the first half of the class is spent doing classroom activities from the book. The kids (and I) are usually dying after the book work. I have a charades game, but it's only doing so much to pep up the class. Some classes do a really great job of making it fun, others sit there and stare at me with death laser eyes. Since they don't want to participate (3rd graders are so cool), I need some suggestions for making the class a little spicier.
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Re: Need some fun suggestions for Grade 3 Suggestions/Excuses exercise.
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try this presentation for size. I hope you can still access the link if you do not have a Prezi account. If you want one, its really easy to set up

Hope this helps!