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Re: KH: Teachers' Status - Korean teachers fail to deliver the goods
« Reply #20 on: November 07, 2013, 06:00:19 pm »
t's totally unfair to all of the kids who actually did the work a) well and b) on time, not to mention it doesn't teach the slackers ANYTHING about real life. I agree with all the rest of you that this is a MAJOR part of what's wrong with the system right now. No zeroes and no failures do not help anyone's kids.

I suppose. I see some positives in the procedure.

1. it shows the teachers care and are making an effort to get the kids to do their work, instead of just ignoring them and leaving it be. (which is yet another thing foreigners complain about koreans doing to korean students)

2. MS and most of HS is the time to make mistakes. its after HS they can't make mistakes anymore, ya know, the "real world" as you all like to say. see they aren't in the real world yet, and just telling a teenager what the world is going to be like is not enough to get them to believe it. they have to learn from their mistakes, rather than teachers just handing out zeros and walking away. If a kid threw red paint on a white wall and you caught him, wouldn't you make him clean it up and repaint the wall? ya know to teach him about responsibility. rather than looking at him and saying, "nope, you're a failure, enjoying prison when you enter the real world, bai~~~!"

3. as a kid who hella struggled in math, I know how much it sucks playing catch up. if we let everyone who gets a zero to just take it and walk away, without showing them that we want them to improve, then we'd have millions of kids with zeros and not trying to improve. if someone told me I'd never graduate HS because I got a zero on one HW/test, I'd given up freshman year, as well as about 97% of students world wide. I mean look at Koreans, that's what they are taught to believe, and now they have more technical HS than actual high achieving schools.

4. I'd rather a student made some kind of an attempt, even if a bit late, perhaps they aren't allowed to get an A, so be it, but I'd rather a C than a zero.