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Re: Phonics Thread
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This website has a lot of good worksheets for teaching phonics:

Re: Re: 2nd grade
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I have been teaching phonics to my first ad second grade elementary students. I really likt he songs by Have Fun Teaching, avaialable on Youtube. They have one for every letter of the alphabet.

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Re: ABC Phonics activity
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How the hell do you teach phonics?
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I've been teaching after-school phonics to first and second graders for two years. I've tried powerpoints, starfall, cut-outs, spelling games, workbooks,etc. and 80% of these kids have no idea what is going on.
I have an after-school class of 22 second graders. I thought we had successfully covered the alphabet last year, and this semester I was looking forward to moving unto short vowels. But I've disconcertingly discovered that none of that was retained. About 10 percent of the students go to hawgon. I give them a handout, and of course every student is copying off the one who has a semblance of an idea.
So now I have to go back to intial sounds, but children this small have the shortest of attention spans, and the most english adept kid in the class can't stay in his seat.
What's the point of sending children to after-school once a week if there is absolutely no reinforcement outside of the classroom?
Soooo frustrated.........

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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I've had the best luck with Genki English. I purchased their posters and we sing the songs. (The posters were $10 I think) The students seem to retain more the more you make a complete fool of yourself. Sorry about your luck. Hopefully this year will be better!

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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singing the alphabet song...
teach the basic sounds of the letters
teach the capital and small letters(writing and reading)
vocab( have three to four words beggining with each letter of the alphabet.)starfall is great...
bring into context with short stories

try to go shopping for some basic phonics workbooks in an bookstore that has english really help to guide you! if you make that small effort your phonics teaching life will be so much easier

_at words...phonics
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Kindergarten and First Grade

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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The kindergartners/grade 1s at my school district in Canada use "Jolly Phonics". It consists of songs with actions to help them remember the sounds. There are worksheets for each letter and probably more materials that I don't know of.

Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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I made a phonics worksheet using the Korean alphabet and I've found it to be useful for 4th grade and up, especially lower level students. It expresses each alphabet letter as a sound in their alphabet and also explains when the sounds change, for example when the "a" sound is long/short.

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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Have you tried They have an entire section of material devoted to phonics.
This material worked well for me when I was asked to suffer the wrath of phonics.

Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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If your students can recognize the alpahbet but not the sounds that each letter makes then singing phonics songs can be really helpful.
Try to find a song that is not too long and covers the letter and the sound it makes. Next put actions to each sound and follow along as you sing.
It is suprising how quickly the students will remember the song and then use it and the actions to sound out words or letters. (actions to sounds is key)
For example we do aaa ants and bbb bats, ccc cats and ddd drum etc..(and I dance along like a fool) with motions. So when my students come to a word that starts with b (while doing work) I can see them start the song in their heads as they do the actions and then they will say "bbb"
Not sure if this will help but it really made a difference in my class.

Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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Almost forgot....

We used an alphabet chant to teach the first sounds on the worksheet I posted earlier.

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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I honestly dont know how you can teach phonics to a large class. I mean there are even some co-teachers who pronunciation is difficult to understand and they majored in English. I think one-on-one or teaching in smaller groups would be much easier for teaching phonics. Lots of kids have no motivation to learn phonics either, since if they actually use English, it is almost always to another Korean person who understands their bad pronunciation habits better than an actual native English person. These students have been learning English since they were in 3rd grade, at least that's what I've been told, and they still don't know what an F is. I know this isnt any help to you, but I guess what I'm saying is, I feel your pain.

Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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Oh and I was told that I AM the after-school budget! I've looked at that Genki English Pack often and thought how much easier my life could be but I'm not prepared to depart with $199 of my own money either!
It's funny because the one school at which I teach, I tried using the starfall short stories and the kids LOVED it, but the other school just ended up with the kids talking and yelling.

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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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I  have a cover page with the short and long vowel sounds written in korean so they can understand them better.  I usually start with short a  then combine Ba, Ca, Da,....until they learn the consonant sounds good.  Usually takes about 2 weeks, twice a week.  When they know them good I will add a consonant like Bat, Cat, Dam.  Then we move on to short e sounds.  My rural kids have picked it up quickly. 
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Re: How the hell do you teach phonics?
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Alphabet <> phonics.

Try teaching the vowels, or the entire alphabet song but with the sounds of the letters, not their names. The short vowel sounds come first, then hard consonants. Move on to stressed (x_e) vowels, then consonant blends, dipthongs etc etc. MES-English has a good phonics page and that guy is a master at this. Also, its 4:30 so I'm keeping this short.

I use the convention that a capital letter is read as the letters name (ie: A = "ay") and the lowercase is the sound (short/hard version).

A good chant I use for those books with "3 phonics words" is, to quote the thread title, "H H, h-h-h, h-h-h-h-hell". By raising and lowering your voice and doing a chant and repeat, kids will really get into it. The key though is revision. Regular revision. So revise next lesson, then after a month etc etc. The genki english phonics review song is good for revising the 26 regular ol letters prior to any reading/writing themed class.
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Re: Re: 2nd grade
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I have been putting together these phonics videos for my students to watch. Haven't finished them all yet but will soon. If you can use them, please do. Any feedback good or bad is always welcome.

In case anyone is interested, I finally finished the ring card video series. This is the last letter. YEAH!!!
please visit the youtube channel for the whole set.
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Phonics teaching..
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This is sth about Phonics.
I hope It would be helpful to somebody....

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Re: Phonics Songs
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I agree the students in my school seem to have very little understanding of phonics as most of them are taught with memorization.  Here is another song that will help them understand how to pronounce different sounds.