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  • tsacelbuod
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    • April 20, 2012, 09:09:48 am
    • South Korea
So I've been living in Korea for about a year and a half. I work through the EPIK program... I worked at an all-girls' middle school my first year and transferred to an elementary school my second. I have six months left on my contract, and I have my heart on moving to a different province. I'm just a guy seeking advice from anybody that has done the same thing (starting out in one province and ending up moving to the Gyeonggi area).

Basically, I think that I have become too familiar living in Gyeongsan (a city on the outskirts of Daegu). By the end of my second contract, I think renewing and staying in the same area will cause my life to be even more stale than it already is. Moving to a new place will provide me with a new sense of excitement (meeting new people, exploring / learning how to live in a new city, having access to things up there that I don't have down here). That's all I'm really looking for... just a new environment to kick start my life again!

If you have any tips on how to make the transition easier, please share with me. How did you go about finding employment? How did you make sure that your place of employment was reputable? Were you like me starting out in EPIK and deciding to work at a hagwon instead? Let me know how things worked out for you... I'd like to hear your story!