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alien resposting
« on: September 08, 2011, 11:22:47 am »
it did not attach the fist time.. I am new to this site..
not sure why i did not...

Re: alien resposting
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2011, 12:36:03 pm »
Nice!! Great fun ppt - how did you run this class?

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Re: alien resposting
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2011, 03:13:29 pm »
This looks like it could be a lot of fun.  I would complete the lesson by using the provided dialogues and have them practice it. And

1. choose a pair to do one of the dialogues (or choose a confident student to do it with you). Offer them plus points/candy or something.

2. Get to the monster part and have them make their own SHORT (fill in the blanks for lower level) dialogues.

3. they perform (maybe some reward for first group if it's difficult to start OR just choose a group you find that is ready).

Notes: I haven't actually taught this yet, but this is the general idea of how I'd run this.

I'd make some changes (and when I do, I'll upload it...maybe next weekend):

~add in vocab words the kids could use in their own dialogues.
~make them use some sentence structures they've learned in class. ("if I were you, I would..." is what my kids are working on in my classes)
~get BASIC facts about the planets onto the powerpoint file in case the internet decides to stop working..
~[totally no necessary but...]find some videos.

The rest of this is just my thinking onto the post.. :P
It may or may not help you..
~ maybe extension to next lesson and make them do comic strips?
~maybe suggest a project with making videos about their stories (not necessarily alien and monster ones..but like a korean Middle School Hollywood with a culmination film festival/party in class..)