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Ani Land
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:34:20 am »
Does anyone know anything about Ani Land that used to be in Coex Mall? It's closed since the mall is doing renovations, but is there another store in Korea somewhere?

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Re: Ani Land
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Sorry admins for reviving an Old Topic,

Hi Teacher77. This post had A LOT of views.. and no replies. I recently had the same issue and i'm leaving in 3 days (visiting family from the states). Even though i cant read korean that well i can speak and understand korean. I found some stores and  I wanted to give everyone in the future some hope and insight so they dont get bummed since COEX is under construction till late 2014 and has a mini store..  Here are some Links  with pictures and the address listed. Enjoy and i hope im not too late..

Seoul COEX: opened a mini AniLand Store

Seoul Incheon: 2 Stores in Incheon

Seoul Hongdae:

Seoul  Sangnam: