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So there was a contest to give some money out to several schools who submitted the best lesson plans for their summer camp. My principal made us submit a plan for the prize money, so my co-worker put together some random plan in 20 minutes.

We won the money, and now two supervisors from the Department of Education will spend an entire day with us observing our classes. The principal and vice-principal will be observing all day too, and we're going to have a session where we get critiqued.

Who else out there won prize money, and what will you be doing when the supervisors visit?

I feel stressed about this day. I'd rather do an open class for other teachers or the mothers than this.

Next time, don't win son.  I remember winning the annual teaching contest in my province one year.  My co teacher wanted this very detailed stressed class for her own demonstration class.  She roped me into doing the class with her even though it had nothing to do with me.  So, I resubmitted it for my own a month later.  (Usually November when you have to do those?)  Anyways, we won and I was the number one teacher in my province years ago.

She was excited; I didn't care.  We had to travel around and keep doing demonstrations everywhere.  It was annoying, though I got 100,000 won in gift certificates.  So, the moral son, never win!