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Beethoven: Don't call it a come back.
« on: March 16, 2011, 12:37:08 pm »
Yes, I just referenced LL Cool J.
So today, I played pass the pencil with middle school grade 2 and 3 and used Beethoven's 9th as the background music.

The kids were really into it and knew at least on some level knew who Beethoven was. For the piece I play I just went here:
When I used this clip I started around minute three.

I know we have been told to try and connect to the kids via Kpop, but my students know that I know nothing about Kpop (who is G-Dragon?), so I wanted to give them something that I genuinely love.

Additionally, Beethoven can't offend anyone living today, so it's pretty safe.

Playing Beethoven also improved my relationship with my twenty-something year old KET. She told me after class that it was nice to hear Beethoven instead of pop music.

Hope this helps someone. Also, even if you don't use Beethoven in class you can't help but feel better after listening to his 9th symphony.