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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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I would just like to say that I used this for my elementary advanced after class.  The verdict: It was a success.  I am glad that I can use lessons like these with elementary students.  Some of the topics I teach are a bit too grammarish and kiddy for my taste.  My students are pretty mature for their age and their level of English is great!  Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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very rare that i can just download a lesson and use it straight off from this website - thank you, this is excellent

i will fiddle around with the presentation a little bit to include my bucket list
My first day I watched a few lessons and had my first class which was a Grade 2 class or something like that. I thought every things was great until a kid ddong-chimmed me. 

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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Thanks for posting this lesson. My kids enjoyed it a lot  :azn:

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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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This was such a fun lesson. I had the students make a bucket list of five things and write their name on it. I collected the list and picked random students to read the lists. The other students had to guess who wrote it. They had a lot of fun guessing who wrote the list. I used this with big classes and small classes. It works for both but it's better with big classes.

A warning -- I tried this with my class and while the Bucket list went over very well, this activity did not. My middle school students were horrified when they found out I'd be reading their lists outloud to the class. I changed it to where I only read things that weren't embarrassing -- ie: learn guitar, but my students still were practically on their toes hoping I wouldn't say certain things.

So, I suggest you read the tone of the class before you try it, and possibly purposefully pick out the more active students.

I also tried the suggested 'start the class by asking the worst way to die'. My co-teacher slowly turned her head and gave me a poker face, hahaha. Maybe I won't do that again...
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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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This is a great lesson.  Thanks for the amazing ppt.  Made some minor adjustments for my Elementary school students but I'm sure they'll enjoy the lesson.

Thanks again~

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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Thanks for this lesson! I had my schedule rearranged at the last minute and this was a perfect solution. My middle school students came up with some great lists. The PPT game didn't work in the classroom,  though it does work on my computer in the teacher's room, but in any case there was plenty to do to fill the time.

Great lesson!!! ;D

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Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Attached is the transcript to the segment of the Morgan Freeman film that I showed my students (it's only a few seconds worth). Also there is a bucket list worksheet my middle schoolers filled out.

In addition, I showed them this video about The Buried Life.

Many of my first grade middle schoolers already knew what a bucket list was.

Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Thank you, yes I agree too, this lesson pan was well done and executed in its process.

Re: Bucket List Lesson
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Awesome lesson....I cant wait to try it with my students