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Need Ideas: Teaching after school class for one student
« on: May 07, 2013, 01:04:01 pm »
Hey everyone! I just started teaching in Korea two months ago and Waygook has been a fantastic resource for me. I was hoping you all could offer me some advice.  Along with my other classes, I teach one upper level conversation class at my low level elementary school. The class began with three students (small already!) and has since shrank down to one sixth grade student. This student is also one of the best in his grade, so I would like to challenge him a bit more.  We are using the All of Us 3 Student Book and Workbook. I usually pepper the lessons with videos and did a lyric fill activity recently. I am running out of ideas.  How would you adjust the course if you were in my position? Thanks!   :)

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Re: Need Ideas: Teaching after school class for one student
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Depends on his level. But my advanced class (3 students), which I see three times a week have to complete a weekly writing assignment in class (last lesson of the week) and speak to me for 10-15 mins one-to-one. I give them a grade for both of these. They are also required to self-correct (using a correction key I have given them) their own written work and give it back to me (they get an additional grade if they do). This is kind of modelled around university level language classes, but my students are improving a lot, so I think it's a pretty good approach. I ran the same course last year.

The remaining two classes are spent with one period going over the weekly topic (so far I've covered Introductions, Families, Interests, School/Education, Interests, Travel, Leisure, Language learning), and another with a focus on key expressions and grammar.
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Re: Need Ideas: Teaching after school class for one student
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Honestly, if you only have one student I would just ask him what he wants to learn.  Ask him what he is interested in and model some lesson ideas around that.  Writing assignments and projects are also good ways to use up time and lets the student be creative (which is something they really don't get enough of).