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Handa's Surprise story - complete lesson + video
« on: May 02, 2013, 03:56:06 pm »
Hello everyone. For my story telling class next week I've selected the book, Handa's Surprise. I think the book is clever, charming, and has appropriate and fun language for young learners. This is the lesson I made for this book. I'm using this for my second graders and my third graders. Hope it helps someone out there!

You should print out the cards attached to this post and prepare them for the matching game and the speed game. Cut them out and glue them to colored paper (preferably blue and green like the PPT indicates).

-My favorite fruit.
-->Tell your students you have a favorite fruit, but you don't know the name. Describe it and see if your kids can guess what it is. Then, ask your kids what their favorite fruit is and get the fruit discussion going.

-Pre-teaching vocab
-->Begin the power point attached to this post. Introduce the fruit and practice the pronunciation with your students. It also helps to make motions for the words. Students have an easier time remembering the vocab if there's a motion to go along with it.

-Handa's Surprise
-->Play the Youtube video of the story and then go back to the PPT. Give your students the memory challenge and see how much they can remember.

Hand's Surprise:

-Memory game
-->Introduce the memory game with the fruit vocab via the PPT. Have you students play this game in groups of four. If a student makes a match, they take the pair, thus giving them two points. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the game.

-Role play speed game
-->Use the role play slide as your guide. Practice the two sentences on that slide with the class and call on students to help you complete the two line dialogue once you feel like the class has a good handle on it. After that, introduce the speed game. Break your groups of four into groups of two. One group gets the picture cards, the other group gets the word cards. Tell the groups of two to stack the cards face down between then. They should play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. When you say go, the first student should ask the question on the role play slide to their partner. The partner should grab the top card off the stack and answer using the fruit on their card. The students should then switch roles until their pile of cards is gone. The goal is to finish the stack before the other pair they are next to.

-Role play
-->After you've played the speed game a couple times, have some students volunteer to come in front of the class and perform the role play for everyone.