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Re: Thomas Orr Textbooks (Middle School)
« Reply #660 on: March 06, 2012, 10:42:45 am »
Hey guys~ I am going to try to make an index for this book so it's not such a crazy mess since you're already going crazy with the terrible books. Here's what I need from you... List of chapters for each grade, what the cover looks like, if there are any websites that link to this book for help or CD-ROMs or whatever. It will definitely take me some time so be patient. I'm not using this textbook series so please give me as much information about it as you can. Thanks a lot.
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Re: Thomas Orr Textbooks (Middle School)
« Reply #661 on: March 06, 2012, 10:58:44 am »
YES! It would be a godsend to have this all indexed!!  Thank you!

Here are the book covers and chapter listings. Not aware of any websites. I know there are CD Roms, but have never seen/used them.

List of Chapters:
1 Iím Lucky
2 School is Fun
3 Answers on the Web
4 Welcome to my Dol Party **(not a typo)
5 The Adventures of a Bottle
6 Art is Cool
7 Namaste from India
8 I Have Butterflies in my Stomach
9 How do you Spend Your Allowance?
10 You Can be a Little Gauss
11 Meet Animal Stars
12 A Story of Two Pots

1 So Long, Orange Sneakers
2 How Have You Been, Astronaut?
3 Heroes are all Around Us
4 Open up Your Heart
5 Think Positive
6 Renting a House
7 Who Will You Give a Ride?
8 Whatís Inside Your Planner?
9 I Want to See Them in Real Life
10 What is Culture?
11 Growing Up
12 If the World Were a Village

1 The Full Jar
2 Use it or Lose it
3 Music for Change
4 Magic Science Tricks
5 Ways of Appealing to the Mind
6 The River Rises
7 The History Behind Food
8 Sustainable Lifestyle
9 The Gift of Understanding
10 Mathematics in Beauty
11 Tell us about your Jobs
12 A Little Boy and a Puppy

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Re: Thomas Orr Textbooks (Middle School)
« Reply #662 on: March 06, 2012, 12:27:49 pm »
The CD Rom's cover everything in the book and basically look just like the book's pages with English and Korean translations of the questions and some of the vocabulary. In addition, there are Student CD 's to accompany the book as well.