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Just wondering if anyone is planning to take or has taken the TOPIK exam (Test of Proficiency in Korean).

I am aiming to take the exam in July and need to start studying.

How difficult were the exam levels?
How big were the jumps in level (from beginner level to intermediate)?
Where can you find practice tests?

any tips or advice?

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I took it last year and it was fine. The jump from level 1 to 2 is not that hard and well, you have to take the level 2 test anyway. From what I hear the jump to level 3-4 (remember that you have to be tested at  a level 4 as well because it is the same test) is fairly high.

So tips that I came up are below:
1) Learn the INSTRUCTIONS for each question because they are in Korean too.
2) Practice writing in Korean, the essay question is important.
3) Use the practice exams as a guide but find books that explain the test questions in detail.
4) Practice writing the exam out a few times to get the hang of it.
5) Utilize the internet. There are a number of resources listed here that have great advice on the exam.
6) Wen you receive the paper in the mail (many months later) show your principle... they will be impressed.

The best book that I have found was "Complete Guide to the TOPIK" Published by Darakwon. I got it from Seoul Selection and it was great. I got a few TOPIK test guides but they were simply photocopies of the old test. The complete guide actually explains each question and tells you what to look out for.