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E2 visa drug tests
« on: February 27, 2011, 11:03:11 am »
The following appeared in the Korean Herald recently:

The Justice Ministry announced yesterday that it would strengthen oversight on centers that carry out drug tests for E-2 visa applicants.
The move aims to better regulate the tests for those wanting an E-2 teaching visa.
From Feb. 1 tests will have to use a chemical indicator approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. Samples that test positive will then go through a GC-Mass Spectrometer analysis to eliminate false positives.
Centers that want to carry out the tests will have to get approval from the local immigration office. To become designated centers the labs must confirm they have the necessary equipment and meet other legal requirements.

From what I have read here on Waygook recently it appears that only SMOE is insisting on this test.  I read recently that Immigration did not require a medical and drug test but it was just SMOE doing that.  I also read that this was being challenged in court due to the fact that it is unconstitutional to demand a drug test.

There now seems to be a u-turn on this issue by Immigration. I wonder when we will have clarity on this issue.
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