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I thought I would make a folder for this book as there does not seem to be one. Is anyone teaching this book? I think one of the author's are Heidi Marie

Lesson 1 How are you?
Lesson 2 He is tall.
Lesson 3 What time is it?
Lesson 4 Where's my watch?
Lesson 5 How much is it?
Lesson 6 I'm flying a kite
Lesson 7 I'm a police officer.
Lesson 8 Help yourself.
Lesson 9 Can I use this eraser?
Lesson 10 Brush your teeth.
Lesson 11 Can you join us ?
Lesson 12 What did you do yesterday?
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Re: Grade 4 Elementary New SPRING 2011 (book with trumpet man & panda bear)
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The Vande Voort book with Linka and like twenty billion other alien mascots all with double barred repetitive names?

I don't know hey. My second school had one of those teachers guides lying about well thumbed through, yet I'd also heard that school wanted to keep the existing books. Figuring there was a high chance I'd have to use it though, I've already scanned in the teacher's guide syllabus pages for reference just in case. This was from last year's early edition though -- found a copy at my first school -- so its only for the first book, not the second (seemingly this published missed the preview deadline).

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