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This is the mass index for the 천재교육 Middle School English books. Look below to see a picture of the cover of the books. The books are arranged by grade level to help you find correlating lessons and materials in other books from the same publisher. The lesson contents are often very similar between editions. To access each lesson, click on the lesson name (in blue) and it will direct you to the link.  Please do not post lesson plans on the bottom of this thread, it makes it harder to find them in the future.  Please remember to check all materials posted for punctuation and spelling errors before posting.

Middle School English 1 (Georgeanna Hall)
Lesson 1: Meet My Friends
Lesson 2: Do You Have Healthy Habits?
Lesson 3: How is Your School Life?
Lesson 4: Abracadabra!
Lesson 5: A Special Day for Semin's Family
Lesson 6: Mongolia: The Land of Blue Sky
Lesson 7: Small Steps for a Better Tomorrow
Lesson 8: Break a Leg!
Lesson 9: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
Lesson 10: No Easy Answer
Lesson 11: Hello, Dr. Einstein
Lesson 12: Seven Wonders of the World
Review: 이재영/Georgeanna Hall Grade 1 Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 1
Lesson 1: Hello, Friends!
Lesson 2: Special Family Weekends
Lesson 3: This is My Pet
Review 1: Review 1
Lesson 4: A New Neighbor
Lesson 5: Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up!
Lesson 6: Merhaba, Turkey!
Review 2: Review 2
Lesson 7: Yuri's New Hobby
Lesson 8: Be A Good Internet User
Lesson 9: Enjoy Korean Culture!
Review 3: Review 3
Lesson 10: Do You Know Why?
Lesson 11: My Special Talent
Review 4: Review 4
Special Lesson: The King and the Shepherd

ENGLISH 1 (Judy Yin 2013)
Lesson 1: Hello, My New School
Lesson 2: What Do You Do at Home?
Lesson 3: Go out and Get Sunlight
Lesson 4: At the School Festival
Lesson 5: We Are All Different
Lesson 6: How Do I Get to the Palace?
Lesson 7: Wonders of Nature
Lesson 8: Letís Give a Helping Hand
Lesson 9: A Portrait of an Artist
Lesson 10: Cheese of Gimchi?
Special Unit: A Wise Old Woman
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 1 (2019 Edition)
Lesson 1: A Nice Day
Lesson 2: How Do You Spend Your Day?
Lesson 3: Do You Have Special Plans?
Lesson 4: Walk Around Town
Lesson 5: How Far is it from Here?
Lesson 6: From Culture to Culture
Lesson 7: Follow Your Dreams
Lesson 8: Give Your Hand, Give Your Heart
Review: 이재영 2017.9.8 Edition Grade 1 Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 2:
Lesson 1: Design Your Year
Lesson 2: Our Friends from Around the World
Lesson 3: Are You a Good Netizen?
Lesson 4: Advertisements and Our Life
Lesson 5: Class Party
Lesson 6: How Does the Cat Sleep Soundly?
Lesson 7: Heroes in My Heart
Lesson 8: Animal Partners
Lesson 9: If I Were You
Lesson 10: Let's Draw Our Future
Lesson 11: A Look Inside Traditional Korean Life
Lesson 12: Smart Exercise
Review: 이재영/Jay Robert Fraser Grade 2 Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 2 (2014 Edition): Pink Cover
Lesson 1: Dear Future Me
Lesson 2: The Happy Tree in My Class
Lesson 3: A Good Night for a Good Day
Review 1: Review 1
Lesson 4: Shake a Leg!
Lesson 5: A Birthday Gift for My School
Lesson 6: Find the Right Key!
Review 2: Review 2
Lesson 7: Fun Ways to Save the Earth
Lesson 8: A Day at the TV Station
Lesson 9: Greetings Around the World
Review 3: Review 3
Lesson 10: What Do You Think?
Lesson 11: Helping Hands for a Better World
Review 4: Review 4
Special Lesson: Two Stories

ENGLISH 2 (Judy Yin, 2013)
Lesson 1: Iím So Sorry
Lesson 2: What Do You Mean?
Lesson 3: Can You Give Me Some Advice?
Lesson 4: The Beauty of Patterns
Lesson 5: Meet the Challenges
Lesson 6: Being Older or Younger
Lesson 7: Think Twice, Think Green
Lesson 8: Before Winter Comes
Lesson 9: What Are You Interested In?
Lesson 10: Are You a Responsible Person?
Special Unit: Do We Have to Go to School?
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 2 (2019 Edition)
Lesson 1: Off to a Good Start
Lesson 2: Connecting with the World
Reading for Fun 1: A Different Day
Project 1: A Picture Dictionary
Lesson 3: Healthy Life, Happy Life
Lesson 4: Earth, Our Only Home
Reading for Fun 2: News From 2045
Project 2: Laugh Out Loud
Lesson 5: Understanding Others
Lesson 6: Near and Dear
Reading for Fun 3: A Diary From Athens
Project 3: A Photo Show
Lesson 7: A Life Full of Fun
Lesson 8: Viva, South America!
Reading for Fun 4: The Seven Wonders of our Class
Project 4: The Two Stones
Review: Grade 2 Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 3: (Daniel Ryan Keller)
Lesson 1: My Dream, My Job
Lesson 2: Special Memories
Lesson 3: Laughs, Tears, and More
Lesson 4: Our Foreign Neighbors
Lesson 5: The Father of Video Art
Lesson 6: The Spinning Coin
Lesson 7: Four Days in Austria
Lesson 8: Short Stories and Hidden Wisdom
Lesson 9: Economics Helps
Lesson 10: Food: A Bridge Between Cultures
Lesson 11: Heal the Earth
Lesson 12: Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win
Review: 이재영/Daniel Ryan Keller Grade 3 Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 3 (2015 edition): green cover
Lesson 1: A Motto for Your Life
Lesson 2: Plants: Beautiful and Useful
Lesson 3: Our Class Diary
Review 1: Review 1
Lesson 4: How Kind You Are
Lesson 5: Art Is All Around Us
Review 2: Review 2
Lesson 6: Three Days in Ulleungdo
Lesson 7: My Grandpa's House
Lesson 8: Let's Go to the World's Festivals
Review 3: Review 3
Lesson 9: The ABCs of First Aid
Lesson 10: Small Ideas Fly High
Review 4: Review 4
Special Lesson: It's Magic!

ENGLISH 3 (Judy Yin, 2013)
Lesson 1: How Do You Use Your Time?
Lesson 2: New Cultures, New Friends!
Lesson 3: What a Great Idea!
Lesson 4Do You Really Need It?
Lesson 5: Friends Forever
Special Lesson 1: A Happy Man's Shirt
Lesson 6 - Be a Good Traveler
Lesson 7 - Lessons for all Koreans
Lesson 8 - Science Is Everywhere 
Lesson 9 - Nature's Way of Life 
Lesson 10 - So Long, Middle School   
Special Lesson 2 - The Power of Kindness   
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 3 (2019 Edition)
Lesson 1: What Matters to You?
Lesson 2: Animals, Big and Small
Reading for Fun 1: The Full Jar
Project 1: Thank-You Tree
Lesson 3: Be Positive, Be Happy
Lesson 4: Opening a Window to the World
Reading for Run 2: A Slice of History
Project 2: Happy Food
Units 1-2: Review Lessons
Lesson 5: Are You into Books?
Lesson 6: Together in Our Community
Reading for Fun 3: The Last Class
Project 3: Book Flea Market
Lesson 7: Watch Out
Lesson 8: All Your Dreams Are Worth Chasing
Reading for Fun 4: Keep Out
Project 4: Try Everything
Units 3-4: Review Lessons

It's best to consult your co-teacher if you're unsure of how to use the media materials as well as lesson planning.

If you have any information regarding CD-ROMS, websites from the publisher, or any substantially worthwhile info that teachers need, please PM me and I'll add it to this first post of the index.

* For the Judy Yin books, in order to install the Korean CD on and English version of windows you must change the system locale. Just follow this guide and it should work like a charm:

**If you do not see your book yet, I need to know the lesson titles in order to add the threads for these. Please someone let me know as soon as possible via PM and I will add it when I get a chance.**

Once again... Please DO NOT post lesson plans on the index section. Find the appropriate lesson or review thread and add your comments, lesson plans, and materials there. Also, DO NOT post things for special holidays/camps/teaching methods, etc on this index. Find the appropriate page by using the search function at the top of the page.

Please let me know if any of the links are not working or directing you to the wrong board by PM. I will not check this board often since I don't use this textbook series.

I am very busy these days and these are not my textbooks. Please be patient when waiting for everything to come together.
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Please take notice that the title of this thread has changed to reflect the publisher as the main source, not the specific writers/editors. Instructors may find a certain amount of overlap from version to version so if you see a similar title in another book, check out that thread for additional materials and strategies. Happy teaching, everyone!
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amazing! :-*

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This textbook. Does anyone use it? If yes please share your wisdom on it if you'd be willing  ;D
I've used year 1 and 2 and have notes stored up for those, but this year I was asked to use the 3rd year one and as consequence I'm starting it from scratch. My co-teacher also wants me to only use it as a base guide, so I can't really fall back onto just doing the textbook for class. 

Thanks in advance^^

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Added the missing Middle School 3 English book. Started teaching middle school last year. This is my first time since 8 years ago teaching 3rd graders, and turns out we use the missing book. Had no idea it was missing! :huh:
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