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    • October 03, 2010, 06:00:08 pm
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Here's what I did for my open class, which was with Grade 2, lesson 4: "Why do birds sing?"  I made it through slide 24 for the open class. 

First: I quizzed the students on why birds sing.  I showed them a little clip about birds attempting to find a mate by dancing.  Then I quizzed them about various birds.  Some of the birds are in their book, but they'll probably need dictionaries to look up the names of a few of the birds (unless they are pretty high level).

Then I divided the students into teams and had them design a new bird, with a budget of $500.  After making and presenting these birds, I then had a "bird fight." (animal lovers might make a caveat that real bird fighting is wrong and not to be done!) For a proper bird fight, you'll need at least three dice to roll.  (or you could try using online dice, I suppose).

Also: I happened to have a lot of feathers, so I gave them out to reward correct answers for the bird quiz.  If you don't have access to real feathers, you could always print out paper feathers, or just delete the references to feathers altogether.

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    • January 14, 2012, 11:02:54 am
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For Grade 3, Lesson 5, explaining "cause" and "result" -  I found an awesome game from this blog:

How I play it: divide the class into teams.  Teams each get chances to find two cards that match.  Once they find a match, to get points, they'll have to make a sentence including both the cause and the result: "I ate too much, so I got a stomachache." 

I started to play this with my grumpy 9:00 a.m. Monday class, and they seemed to be getting into it.  If you play this, look at the slides first and make sure you know which cards are a match in advance.

Thanks karenology! I liked this game so much I used it for an open class. The students love it and I plan to use it again.

I used it to reinforce a lesson on regret based on Grade 3 Lesson 5 talking points: "should have" and "shouldn't have".

I added a "How to play" slide as well as an extra slide at the end that has an arrow linking back to the previous slide since I sometimes click the wrong place when trying to remove or replace a card.

A lot of work was put into this one due to the open class! Enjoy!


Thanks for your files, they saved me in a pinch! 

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    • January 14, 2012, 11:02:54 am
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KarizmaB, Thanks for the awesome materials.  I have a suggestion for your "Cause, Result, and Regret" ppt.  I passed out small whiteboards to teams of students and asked them to write Cause, Result and Regret and then had them write the letter in order.  It kept them more focused and allowed me to check their answer.

Grade 3 Lesson 5: Expressing Regret

A simple PPT that reviews Cause, Result, and Regret. I used it to quiz low level students on identifying sentences. Of course, regret is the easiest since they just have to look for "should have" or "shouldn't have" so those are identified first.

I also reviewed past tense and past perfect forms of verbs with the worksheet. I gave them 10 minutes to finish on their own then put the key up on the screen and reviewed together.

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    • August 30, 2011, 12:50:40 pm
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Thanks for the Garfield Worksheet! My boys enjoed it!.

Lesson 6 - Grades 1 and 2

Not all of my lesson plans were successful so I will just share with you what worked best.

I introduced Lesson 6 with a modified PPT on telephone conversations. For the practice dialogue (slides 14-22), I had each student read one line. The rest we read as a class. Pop stars work well for getting the attention of kids who just came back from break  ::)

I then had the students find a partner or group of 3-4 (depending on their level) and handed each group the cut up phone strips and phone sheet with blank speech bubbles. After they had placed the dialogue in the order they believed to be correct, we reviewed the correct order as a class. I then gave them glue sticks and have them practice the dialogue with their partner(s).

My low level students really enjoyed the garfield telephone activity I did as a warm-up. I can't take credit for this WS either, I just modified it. I put it up on the screen and we did it as a class. Page 2 is the answer key.

My upper level students enjoyed a WS I found on cellphones (That's Gr8!). Afterwards I taught them abbreviations and played a PPT quiz game.

As you can probably tell, I find most of my materials on this site and modify them for my students. Thanks for sharing! Hope these help!  ;D


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    • August 31, 2009, 08:54:59 am
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Here is my lesson for lesson 6.  It's gonna take me 3 weeks to complete it as I've decided to add a "Minute to Win It" section to my class.

On the disappearing dialogue, the PSY/Hyuna pic is linked to the Gangnam Style video.


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    • March 20, 2012, 07:50:46 am
For grades 1 and 2, Lesson 6. I modified several people's lessons and came up with my own. First, I do the Garfield telephone worksheet listed above, works great for any level if you do it with them.

Next I do a very short PPT which i modified and you can find here in my post. The powerpoint is nearly identical to one posted before but I cut out the sound and updated the pictures to celebrities the kids know.

After that, I play a game where I cut up slips of paper and hand them out to students. The students have to go around the class and find their partner. There are hard and easy ones in the document. After they find their partner, i made them "call" their partner (I gave them an old phone to use) and say the phrases on their sheets. The point to emphasize here is that on the slips "A" is always first. So sometimes i'll have just the A's go around asking their sentence and find the answer.

I usually do the activity book after this, then finish with the game below if there is extra time.

The class ends with a phone call game. One student is volunteers to leave the room for a moment. Hide a piece of candy with another student and invite the other student back into the room. That person can make 3 (more or less depending on class size) "phone calls" to students in the class by saying "May I or Can I speak to (student's name). If the student receiving the call doesn't have the candy, they say "Sorry, you've got the wrong number." If they do have the candy, they say "This is he/she speaking". If the student finds the candy, they get to eat it. If they don't they get a stamp (my school uses stamps/signatures) as a reward. The student hiding it also gets a stamp.

I modified the game above slightly though by giving the candy to a student rather than hiding it in the room.  The chosen student then calls students and asks where the candy is. The students give hints about which student is hiding it. This sometimes can be really funny if you have boys, they will say things like 'He's ugly". If they find the candy, they get to eat it, if not, the student hiding it gets it.

For anyone that teaches grammar or practices the grammar section in class, this might help you for Grade 2 Lesson 6.

I made a simple game to practice the use of "before" and "after" in the beginning and middle of sentences. I suggest starting with a sample sentence and reviewing the different ways to put a sentence together using the target language. I've made some simple equations that make it easier for them to construct sentences.

Ex: I brushed my teeth (2) after I ate breakfast(1).

I can re-organize the sentence to have the same meaning using "before" and "after in different ways.

There are 4 categories of sentences. You need to identify which category you want to use and which parts of the sentence are the 1 (the first chronological event) and the 2 (the second chronological event).

Before-------> Before+ 2+1= Before I brushed my teeth, I ate breakfast.

After-------->After+1+2=After I ate breakfast, I brushed my teeth.

before------> 1+before+2=I ate breakfast before I brushed my teeth.

after------->2+after+1= I brushed my teeth after I ate breakfast.

After writing out the equations and going through the example, I write a sentence on the board and ask the class to identify which phrase is 1 and which is 2. Then, the first team to raise their hand and give me a new variation of the sentence gets a point.

I know it's not the most thrilling game in the world, but it does help reinforce what they learn with the Korean teachers that initially teach them the grammar.

I also try to use sentences that will subtly reinforce use of direct and indirect object, since that's also in this chapter. I suggest avoiding the use of gerunds unless your class is really advanced. I tried it out with one of my high level classes and it just did their heads in.

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    • March 02, 2011, 11:17:51 am
Grade 1 Lesson 6 An Interview with an Astronaut

This is a really simple practice for can/will. It's a back up for after their KT has taught the grammar section. Students say what the people in the pictures can/can't will/won't do (be aware that the dog playing soccer transfixes them for as long as the slide is visible!). Then they get to practice by playing battleships - in my classes there's always been at least 1 kid who knows how to play so they can help explain. Otherwise, explain slowly and show them what to do, they understand better. And finally there's a gap fill for 'Who will I be' by Demi Lovato, which I have taken from another waygook's lesson - thank you whoever you are!

The battleships worksheet you can just get 2 on 1 page but I found it easier to print 2 copies and stick them together to make a master copy.

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    • March 28, 2012, 09:49:08 pm
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I lengthened an existing ppt on G1 Lesson 6 - Telephone Conversations. I thought someone else might find i useful!

I also included a lucky wheel game (also edited another Waygookian's ppt for this one. Had to change the scoring, there were too many minus points and I changed a couple questions. My kids hated it till I changed it =/).

Hope these help someone out there!

The game saved my life today, thank you!  :)

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    • August 30, 2011, 12:50:40 pm
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Grade 1, Lesson 6: An Interview with an Astronaut

After introducing vocab and phrases in the PPT, I have the students practice in pairs making requests then calling each other. Then after finishing the Listening and Speaking sections of the book, we play the telephone game.

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    • November 15, 2010, 09:19:06 am
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Grade 1 lesson 8
PPT and accompanying worksheet review basic shopping expressions reading numbers, as well as basic colors (it's easy, but it's sometimes good to boost students' confidence). Again, I probably spent way too long putting together the worksheet.
Following the last slide (read, listen, watch) we watched the video from the dialog.

I love your worksheet! I'm definitely using it. Thanks for putting in the effort, it's great!

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    • August 30, 2011, 12:50:40 pm
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Grade 2, Lesson 6: Songs of Hope

I love it when the 1st and 2nd grade lessons line up  :)

After the PPT, we completed the Listening and Speaking sections in the book. I love the dictation sheets and I let the students choose which they prefer- the 'Easy' 'On Level' or 'Challenging' sheet. It's really good listening practice. This takes two, sometime three classes. They practice the dialogues in the book with each other, then I had them create their own telephone conversations with a partner. The only rule was that in the A,B conversation everyone had to have at least five lines.

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    • August 28, 2012, 10:43:19 am
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2nd Grade, Lesson 9: Invasion of Christmas Island

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting.  I've been downloading from this website like a fiend, so I figured it was finally time for me to contribute something of my own. 

Here is the PPT I made for Lesson 9, focusing on how to give advice.  I am also including a worksheet that you can use for the unscramble activity in the middle.

I got the unscramble slides from ablnm, so credit where it's due!

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Grade 1, lesson 8

I start the class with vocab unscramble, which is vocab from the chapter.
I show the PPT which is a frankenstein from others here, but I added my own activity at the end as well as an example.

It's a group activity where each group make their own store. I got the idea from another poster here but made the worksheet and tweaked it a bit. After the PPT, I give out one sheet for team. I usually give out 6 sheets per class and they tend to have 6 students in each. They make their own store by drawing pictures and giving prices.

NOTE: I give them the store type myself, otherwise they will just fight over that for twenty minutes. I usually give out the following store topics: Pet shop, Clothes, Toys, food, music and tourist (Insadong). I wouldn't use makeup since that's the example and they will just copy that.

This usually takes up the rest of the class. Afterwards I collect them and will use them the next week to teach shopping and speaking. (ex: give a few students a price they have to match and they have to go around to different groups and buy items and try to match the price.)

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    • March 20, 2012, 07:50:46 am
^^ For the post above, forgot to add the attachment for low levels.

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Grade 2 lesson 8 directions james bond bomb game

same as grade 1 lesson 9, but slightly different phrasing.

Love this bomb game. I added a imperatives worksheet (from to do as a warm-up. I changed the ppt to review the answers on the worksheet before the game.

Grade 3 Lesson 8

"You mean...?" Guessing Game

I don't like the way the textbook teaches students to use this phrase. It makes them sound like arrogant snobs if they use it just to correct others. So, to that end, I've diverted their usage to using it to remind people of the name or place they can't think of. We played a guessing game. I read the clue, they guess using the phrase "You mean...?" Easy peasy!  ;D

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    • July 16, 2009, 12:35:46 pm
This is a review worksheet for 1st Grade Chapter 8: The Happy Tree. It goes over "must" and "must not," with a little more focus on "must not" because that's what my students have trouble with.

The first part is changing Korean sentences to English. It's modeled on a question format that always pops up on my school's exams, so you might want to change that to a regular sentence scramble.

The second part requires the students to look at pictures and make "must not" sentences. It's pretty straightforward, but you get some funny answers.

The third part has the students make three "must not" sentences and matching signs on the back of their paper. I have low-level kids working in groups, so I give them about ten minutes for this. After that, the groups have to come up to the front of the class and draw big versions of their signs on the board. The rest of the class must try to guess the sentence by shouting their guess as a group.

Very low level, but it works for my kids.

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This is great, thanks. I'm new so this helps a lot. I'll try to contribute soon

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Alright Mark Brown/William Roszell/장영희 people~ I've decided it's time to get you out of the ice age and into the indexed world. So here's what I need from you...

A list of each grade's chapter titles, Publisher, description of the cover, any websites that may accompany the book, any useful information about CDs/CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs etc. Please send me a PM with the information this week and I'll do my best to get it done. Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of work to put one of these together so it might take me up to a week but as soon as it's all done, this thread will be locked and possibly broken apart into the index pages. Do it~ NOW~ you know you want it!!!

Hope to hear from someone soon since I'm currently desk-warming with a terrible case of laryngitis~Cheers!
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