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    I'm finishing up my contract this month and will go back to school in America for another degree. However I was wondering if it's possible to extend my Visa until Summer...

The reason I'm asking is that I'd like to teach at a Seoul Summer camp and bypass the E-2 Visa process which will take way too long (Prep time).

I know in order to have an extension you need an employer to sponsor the E-2 VISA but I was hoping I could study in America...and then teach in Korea on my Summer break.

I really enjoy teaching...if I have to start the E-2 Visa process all over again I can do it again...but would prefer not to. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)

I'm currently on an E-2 Visa.

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Re: Leaving Korea...possible to extend E-2 Visa to possibly work Summer Camp?
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 09:12:13 pm »
No..  Not really.  Yea sometimes and I say sometimes.... you can find a place that will hold your visa.  Yet holding for 4 months while you are out of country - NO.  Never mind immigration would get suspicious of your comings and goings.

You could try for a D-10.  But leaving for more then 90 days, you will have to submit new paperwork when you get back.  You will avoid a Japan visa trip, but you still got to the papers to get and deal with.  Also,  I am unsure if a D-10 can transfer to a C-4 work visa.  So the D-10 is not really a good option.

Yet, but why do you need an E2 for just summer camps.  The better visa for 90 days or less is a C4.  The requirements are easier then E2, I think.  Not really, looks like the same hassles as an E2.  I thought it was a bit easier for C4s.  Well, maybe a few years ago it was.

From the HiKorea website
Foreign teacher of English camp
- A certificate of degree(Applicants may choose one of the following)
· Original copy of the diploma (will be returned to the applicant after making a copy and having it sealed as a legitimate copy)
· Copy of the diploma (verified by the Korean consulate or attached with documents verifying highest education, issued by ‘Korean Council for University Education’)
· Certificate of academic degree issued by the relevant university. (Affixed with an apostille or attached with documents verifying highest education, issued by domestic verification agency)
· Certificate of graduation that lists acquisition of diploma (Affixed with apostille or attached with documents verifying highest education, issued by domestic verification agency)
※ Nationals of countries that have not signed the apostille treaty must get verification from the local Korean consulate or attach documents verifying highest education, issued by domestic verification agency
- Issuance of proof of (lack of) criminal records
·(the records must be affixed with the relevant nation’s Apostille)
※ Nationals of countries that have not signed the Apostille treaty, (China, etc) must get their records verified by their local Korean consulate, and those already in Korea who were issued their criminal records from their consulates in Korea have no need for an Apostille
- A certificate of employment
- Business Registration of the organization that opened the camp, Corporate Registration or Document of establishing educational organizations
- lifetime education facility registration, Pointed Document of lifetime education facility reporting repairs
- The schedule of the English camp(mark the part that are relevant to the applicant)

The biggest problem with your scenario is well it is cost prohibitive.   Most camp places will NOT pay for plane tickets or visa trips.  Some will not even pay for apartments or place to stay.  yet they will have a dormitory for you to stay.  In the end the ability to make lets generously say 5 million won over 2 months, you will have to spend up to 2 million to just get here from the US.  This does not include other expenses.  Here is an example from ttompatz on ESLcafe.  Yes the numbers are different, but it will give you an idea of what you idea might actually cost.

5 months in Korea @ 2.2 million won = 11 million gross / 10 million net.

Less airfare (2 ways = 2 million won)

less living expenses (utilities) 1 million (live like a hermit - you did want internet and electricity).

Less setup costs (condiments, stuff for your apartment (sheets, blankets, soap and shampoo)) 1 million

Less food (500k per month) 3 million.

Less entertainment on the weekends (unless you really did want to live like a hermit (23 weekends - 2.3 million won)

2+1+1+3+2.3 = 9.3 million in expenses and we haven't considered document and visa costs, medical, etc.)

You would never recover your costs on a 5-6 month jaunt to Korea.

Better to just stay home and work a minimum wage job or take a vacation.   

The next big problem for you is well, the competition.   You are in the States.  Which makes you harder to interview, then the paperwork hassles, and various other things to deal with for the camp or recruiter.  Never mind there are F-series and some E2 people who can easily step in, already in country.  University NETs who have a long breaks and want to do the camp.   So you from overseas expect to get 2 or 3 concurrent summer camp jobs.   Camps can vary length from a couple weeks to a month or more.   Never mind some of the them fold at the last minute.  The gaps in between are costly.

So, the question is what is the best move.   I would say go with D-10, but still get the paperwork ready.  You have 4 or so months which is enough time to get the papers.  If the D-10 falls out either because you are gone to long or the transfer to C4 is not doable.  The you can try for the C4 vja a Japan Trip.   If not those, then there is always working cough*il*cough*legally*cough*.  Just be aware that camps are popular targets for immigration raids.  So if caught you face fines and immigration blackmarks on your file.  Which means Korea might become unworkable anytime in the future.

Good Luck Sorry to be a downer.
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Re: Leaving Korea...possible to extend E-2 Visa to possibly work Summer Camp?
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2013, 09:26:55 pm »
Wow thank you all for the information ^^ I guess the best thing to do is just start the application process over again when I return to America. I'll be way too busy with a Spring Camp coming up to extend my Visa and I think it might look fishy if I go for the D10 if I'll be studying in America. I just thought I could save myself the hassles of a Visa Run or getting all the paperwork again...which was a big hassle...

Thank you all for your support! I'm going to really miss Korea but I'll figure out a way to visit here again...either work part-time and come during Summer vacation or after I graduate. :)