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I was wondering if anyone has experience teaching at private elementary school and if they can compare them with public elementary schools. Would people who have worked at a private elementary school recommend it?

I have been offered a position at a private elementary school. The hours are similar 8.30-4, 24 teaching hours by 40mins, 3rd to 6th Grade, no co teaching and classes will be smaller around 10 students per class.

Any additional info would be appreciated. Thank you
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Re: Private elementary school vs public elementary school - Pros and cons
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A friend of mine worked at a private elementary school last year so I can relay their experiences to you. A big thing to keep in mind is that the parents are paying a lot of money to put their kids into private school, which means much higher expectations of you. So much more intensive lesson planning, longer working hours, and co-workers who'll be keeping a closer eye on your teaching performance.
The up side is you'll probably have your own classroom, you may be able to shape what your curriculum is, and even be a part of end of the year finals.
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Re: Private elementary school vs public elementary school - Pros and cons
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I teach at a private elementary school (was hired through EPIK). My normal hours are 8:30-4:30, 22 (40min) teaching hours. Grades 1-6. I would recommend it for the class size alone - my biggest class is 12 students, although the average is 10. My school also has a heavy English focus (multiple English classes throughout the week for even the lower grades) so the level is generally higher than average. I taught this semester with a co-teacher present 100% of the time - I was only responsible for planning lessons for grades 3 & 4 and assisted my co-teacher with the other grades. Unfortunately this arrangement is apparently changing for the upcoming school year, when I'll be teaching alone and responsible for planning for grades 1-6. Obviously no co-teacher could be a plus depending on your preferences. I've never worked at a public school (this is my first job here) so I can't compare between the two, but I definitely feel like I lucked out landing in a private school.