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Lost Scarf! REWARD 150,000 won
« on: January 24, 2013, 10:18:04 am »
Lost in Busan-

It is a blue-ish/green scarf.  It is thick, long, and if furry.  It has no tassles on the ends.
It was lost last night (Janaury 23rd) in 3 possible places.  It was lost in:

Suyeong Station                                             or
the subway from Suyeong to Gwangan             or
around Gwangan Beach

If you can return it to me, please call me for a reward of 150,000 won.

If you see a Korean wearing it and you do not speak Korean, please call me and I will talk to them. Or, you can give them this message:

Did you find that scarf? My friend is looking for his scarf and he will pay for its return.  It looks like the one you’re wearing.

그 머플러 찾았나요? 내 친구가 그의 머플러를 찾고 있어요 그리고 그는 당신이 찾아 주시는 데에 대한 보상을 해 줄 겁니다. 당신이 착용하고 있는 것과 같아 보여요

It was homemade by a close friend and it is incredibly important to me.  Please help me!

My phone number: 010-3003-1148
My e-mail:

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