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Running Man review day for Winter/Summer Camp
« on: January 20, 2013, 12:11:06 pm »
So I am a big fan of Running Man and every since teaching here I made a few Running Man games here and there.  But for winter camp I decided to make a whole Running Man themed day and wanted to share it here because I wanted to give back to this excellent site filled with great ideas. SOOO

Here it is! So I'll explain each mission again to give you an idea of how they run (feel free to tweak it however you want).  Every mission reward the 1st place with 3 points, 2nd place with 2 points, and 3rd place with 1 point.  Tally up the scores and the winning team gets the smallest of name tags and the nametags get bigger for the remaining teams (the smallest nametags i holded paper in half twice, the middle nametags once, and the largest nametags is a full sheet of paper).  Set a limit for how many tapes the students can use to attach the nametags to their backs, usually 4.   Oh and make sure you give them the mission card and have the person read to the other students just like how they do it in Running Man.  I also had a lot of room to work with, I was the only one teaching at my school in winter camp so I had each missions in different classrooms to imitate the more recent Running Man shows where they move from place to place for each mission.

Mission #1

Have the students read the mission card.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Have each team read a passage that you created (based on there skill level) and they have to do it at an allotted time (increase the time if no team keeps getting it).  Have the teams play rock, paper, scissors to decide the order they go in.  If a team fails the mission the next team goes.  The games keeps going until all teams get it and it is decided who the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team.  You'll be amazed how some students who always had difficulty reading tried their hardest like never before.  I was proud.

Mission #2

Have the students read the mission card.  The handout for Mission #2 is all the words I used and that the students should know.  You have to print out the handout (i printed 2 copies of it) and cut out all the words.  Again, feel free to add and or tweak the handout to your liking.  Next hide the words around the school, making some easy to find and some hard depending on how much time you want them to waste for the mission. I went to google and use the online bomb countdown and set it to 10mins to find and make sentences and complete the mission. Explain that they have to make correct sentences using the words they find.  The placement of teams is decided on who makes the 3 sentences first, second, and third.  Was surprised again how well they seemed to show off their reading ability and make sentences and they never have before, or at least the enthusiasm to do it.

Mission #3

Have the students read the mission card.  Charades self-explanatory.  Use rock, paper, scissors to decide the order of who goes first again.  Set your phone on 1 min for each team.  The team with the most points at the end gets 3pts and so on.  I did 2 rounds of charades.  I had the teams have one person explain what was the item and had the rest of the students face away from the ppt and try to guess.  Feel free to tweak the ppt to tailor to your students and the material you taught them.

Mission #4

Have the students read the mission card.  Before you start this game have premade pieces of paper with numbers on it.  I had 12 students so I numbered the pieces of paper from 1~12, this will be important later on.  The mission is number counting using the game Sam, Yuk, Guk (3, 6, 9).  The game is played by having students count one by one from 1~40 (you can tweak it to 1~ to whatever number you want to teach them up too).  Every time the number they count has a 3, 6, or 9 on it they have to clap and not say the number.  So 19 they would have to clap, 33 they would have to clap twice and so on.  The handout for Mission #4 is a study guide in which i gave the students to study for 5 to 7 mins before starting the game ( i used my phone as a timer).  There, you can explain the ways in counting numbers and my handouts makes it easier for students to understand.  With the pieces of paper you made beforehand, have each student pick one piece of paper each.  That will determine the seating order so they dont try to get all strategic.  Now you can start the game.  I pointed my finger at the students so that why they arent confused on who is next.  The last surviving member of the team gets the 1st place points.  The first team out gets the 3rd place score.  I did 2 rounds of this game.  Again this game surprised me at how the lower level students kept!

Mission #5

Have the students read the mission card.  This game is basically a picture, matching, memorization, elimination speed game.  I did the topic on something new and cultural, countries.  Before the game I gave the students the Mission #5 handouts and had them study it for 5~7 mins (you'll be surprised how into studying they were haha).  I explained and answered questions for them and said out loud the name of the countries so they can understand and pronounce them.  So basically, set up a table with printed cut outs of the country's flags.  One student each team comes up, have them each have their hands behind their back to encourage fair play.  From there, all you have to do is yell out a country to your choosing and whichever team grabs it first is "safe" and goes back to their team.  The remaining 2 teams have to battle it out again.  You yell out a country again and whoever grabs it first is "safe" while the other person is eliminated from the competition.  This goes on until there is one last team standing.  The first team to have all their members eliminated is 3rd place.  Naturally, there will be a point where one member of a team is left.  That person still can more than likely win it for the team. 

After all the missions you tally up the points and give the nametags (smallest to largest) to the corresponding teams.  Then you can start the official "tearing off nametags of other teams" elimination game like they do in Running Man.  And enjoy the madness that ensues haha.  I usually set a time limit (online bomb timer as well) to prevent an ongoing stalemate in moments where nothing happens because the students are too afraid to initiate anything.


Re: Running Man review day for Winter/Summer Camp
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This is awesome. Will be using this for my club activities!