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Re: chronically understaffed burger king
« Reply #20 on: January 17, 2013, 05:36:47 pm »
This is why I stopped going on Japan's version of when I lived there and why I never got into the forums here. I just wasted a few minutes of my life reading this garbage.
Try cooking your own food and clean up after yourself and see if it takes longer than 15 minutes.

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Re: chronically understaffed burger king
« Reply #21 on: January 17, 2013, 06:13:54 pm »
I work in a very residential neighborhood with only two non-Korean restaurants, Burger King and KFC. They are side by side and it is clear the owner purchased one corner space and divided it in half, KFC on one side and BK and the other. It is pretty obvious they are owned by the same guy.

Sometimes when I want a nosh, I have to go to Burger King, because in Korea, for some reason, it is krunk. But, every freakin time I go there, no matter what time of day it seems, there is a line. It's a popular restaurant? Thats fine. The owner is making money. But what does he do with this money? He clearly doesn't hire any new employees. There are four cash registers and only one is ever occupied! It is the same way at KFC.

Today I called out the manager. I waited for 15 minutes for my turn at the one cash register. I used my body language and  pigeon Korean to gesticulate to the manager that he is clearly not binging in enough people to handle the massive line at his counter. It is his responsibility. I do this very loudly and obviously point to him, so every one can see.

I am breaking every Korean social mores. I know this. But because of the Korean convention of saving public face, nobody ever complains to this guy about his restaurants being so poorly managed, about the owner being dirt cheap. The other diners respond with shocked faces and at the floor gazes. They probably think I am a monster.

But I am doing this for them. I am trying to help people, doing something that, as a foreigner, nobody else here can. Will it make a difference? Who knows. Should I just eat somewhere else? I wish I could, if I ever want to eat something non-Korean, besides Baskin Robins, I don't have much of a choice. I just wish these people knew that, though I may seem like a white devil, I am doing this for the public good, local convention be damned.

Am I in the wrong here?

you're in the right.  the natives need to be saved