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looking for lead guitarist or...
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:25:17 pm »
i have had a lot of fun going to all the open mics and performing with one of my best friends. he was the frontman and did the lead/bass, but now it is my time to step up. i will be doing the singing and rhythm guitar. if you can help with some singing, that would be great.
I am looking for a lead guitarist to play over my rhythms, either acoustic or electric. if you play bass or drums that is great too. just something to add to the melody.

before you send me a message a few things to consider:
i am doing original covers of songs everyone already knows. i am just planning on going to open mics with our set until further notice. we will cover hip-hop songs or other popular songs in our own fun way. open mics are about practice and fun.
so far we tried:
bloodhound gang - bad touch
lonely island - i just had sex
lmfao - sexy and i know it
coolio gangster's paradise

all acoustically and in our own style. let's see what else we can do. it was so much fun id like to carry on the tradition in my friends absence. interested now? mail me.