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Life after an E2 (E2 -> D10). What's it like?
« on: January 08, 2013, 03:15:04 pm »
My contract is almost finished, and I want to change from an E2 Visa to a D10 Visa.

From my understanding, I have to wait until I finish my contract at the school in order to transfer from the E2 to a D10. Correct?

The school provides housing, and I read that you have to write your Korean address on the D10 application form. Is this correct? Do you just put the address of the local motel you're staying at on the D10 application form while seeking new housing elsewhere?

What about cellphone and internet service? Are you able to just send your D10 Visa information to continue service with SK/KT, or do they not accept the D10 Visa?

Also, what kind of employment seeking plan does immigration require? Any examples?

Re: Life after an E2 (E2 -> D10). What's it like?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2013, 04:36:22 pm »
This is what I did.

* Signed a rental contract on an apartment with my Alien Registration Card (E2)
* This was about 1 day after I finished with my employer.  They gave me two extra days in my former apartment as a goodwill gesture.
* About a week later I went to the Immigration Office.
* Completed everything required and paid the 60 000 Won.
* I wasn't sure what to put down for my job seeking plan so I wrote something like this

 Month 1 apply for 10 ESL jobs
 Month 2 apply for 11 ESL jobs

etc, etc.

There were only 6 lines from memory, but obviously this should not be treated flippantly.   Perhaps you could type up something comprehensive and attach it to their form.

Your question 1.  I think this is correct but please confirm by calling 1345.
Your question 2.  Yes, somewhere in the process I had to write down my address.
Your question 3.  I put the address of the apartment I had just moved into.  I can't advise you what to do on this issue.  I don't know your situation.
Your question 4.   I decided not to get a cell phone and internet service connected.  My guess is that SK/KT may not be experts in immigration rules/regulations.  They may just want an alien registration card and not be overly interested in D10 or E2 etc.   
Your question 5.  Please see what I have written above.
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