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I saw the interview of the mom and grandmother last night on Pierce Morgan and wondered if I could ever be so forgiving. I donít think I could ever forgive the person who did this. Maybe I could after a few decades or right before I die, but I certainly couldnít do it a week after the incident. I guess this shows the range of forgiveness amongst people in this world.   

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    • October 18, 2012, 11:38:59 am
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It depends on the circumstances.  If it was a random incident and a person that I didn't know that killed me kid in a head-on collision, then no.  I would not forgive him, I would probably attempt some sort of vigilante justice depending on how he conducted himself (what level of remorse was shown / attempt to reconcile with victims).

However, in this situation, it was his best friend that killed him while he was in the car.  He knew his buddy was drunk yet he was still riding with him.  So he takes on responsibility for himself right there.  I think the main factor, though, is that the guys were best friends and practically family.  Therefore the victim's mother understand how much the killer regrets what he has done, and she has her own love for him as a 'son'.  Much easier to forgive when you love the person and understand they are going through their own pain and remorse. 

This incident reminds me of the hockey player Dany Heatley.  He killed his friend Dan Snyder while driving drunk, and Snyder's family reacted in a similar way, encouraging Heatley to continue his hockey career and get back on track.

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^ Everything this guy said except I didn't know about the hockey dude he mentioned.

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    • October 11, 2012, 06:33:12 pm
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John Gotti couldnt.
They never did find his neighbor.
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    • October 09, 2011, 04:31:36 pm
I'd like to say I could but I don't think anyone can know until it actually happens, since it's such a tragedy. I am a proponent of restorative justice, though, so I'd like to think I would practice what I preach. One thing to remember, regardless of where you stand, is that no matter what your sense of "justice" is and whether or not it was doled out as you desire, your child will remain dead. Your personal future from that point on is largely still up to you -- if you want to join in on the prison experience after you Batman out, that's always an option.
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If I was in the car myself and I brought her with me, then I would also blame myself. But I wouldn't do this.

If I was completely sober and he hit us in a head-on collision, I have to say I'd probably want to kill the guy. 

I'm not going to lie-- I might not be able to do itÖ I would hope that one day I wouldn't feel that way, but it would take a lot to get me to that point-- like say, abandoning everything and becoming a Buddhist monk.

so now you all must know how the families of the 2 korean school girls that got run over and killed by
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I definitely wouldn't want to use my child's death for anti-US propaganda, 'guest'.