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Just wanted to see if anyone else is going through the same thing. I was an SMOE (Seoul Metro Office of Education) teacher from 02/11 to 02/12 and did not renew my contract (long story), but was hired directly by another public school for the current school year. My school is, I believe, in the Gangnam/Songpa district. My school cannot renew my contract for next year because funding for my position got cut. Instead, they have to hire an SMOE teacher. As a result, they want me to apply to SMOE again so that I can stay at their school, which is what I also want. SMOE is telling me that I have to go on a waiting list to be hired directly. Just want to know what other teachers have been told, and what their schools are doing to keep them. I know there are other options for me outside of SMOE, but I really love my school and have a great working relationship with co-workers and would love to stay. Thanks!

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    • April 02, 2012, 11:57:17 am
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Have your principal get in contact with SMOE about the situation, that should clear things up pretty quick.
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You'll need to contact SMOE first. If you just reapply then you'll be put back into the mix, and you'll be randomly assigned a school. I don't know if SMOE will do it of course, but if you don't ask you'll never know.

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If the school wants to hire you, I think you should be able to apply directly. SMOE is kind of weird, like EPIK.

I would talk with the principal of your school, with  your CT and the head of English/Head Teacher of the School. See if they can hire without going through SMOE. If so, have them hire you directly. If not, see if they can request you from the SMOE office. I cannot imagine it would be so hard. Then again, SMOE are kind of strange, and have odd rules and do thing in a very strange fashion. I think SMOE is the worst public school program to work for because they are really strange and make teachers to a lot of odd things. This is from a EPIK/GEPIK vet.

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I am actually in the same boat as the OP. I taught at a public elementary school for the past two years in the Gangnam area. Since Gangnam doesn't have anymore funding for next school year, they went to SMOE for help. I also have a great working relationship with my co-teachers and my school really wants me to stay. However, since SMOE is now taking over, you have to reapply no matter how much you want to stay. Asking the principal to make some calls for you will not do anything for you. On a side note, my principal offered to write me a recommendation letter, so that was a plus for me.


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A friend of mine is in the same situation outside of Seoul. He was given the choice to re-apply to EPIK or be cut. He complained to EPIK but they said there was no way around it. He's since decided he didn't want to mess with it and found a private job.

Thanks for the replies  ;D. Going to apply directly to SMOE.