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BiSangGyoYook Mass Index (Lee Suk Jae/Judy Yin 2017)
« on: November 27, 2012, 09:44:34 pm »
Grade 1 Lee Suk Jae
Lesson 1: My Everyday Life
How are you doing? What's your favorite day of the week?
Lesson 2: Let's Enjoy Our School Life
Why don't we join the Mozart club? Let me think . . . I'm free after 2 p.m.
Lesson 3: Amazing Animals
I'm interested in animals. That's surprising!
Lesson 4: Around the World
Can you make pancakes? That's not right.
Lesson 5: Are You a Book Lover?
Don't mention it. He enjoys mystery books.
Review 1
Lesson 6: Enjoy Your Trip!
I'm going to visit my grandfather in Denver. Sorry, but I can't.
Lesson 7: Colors Are All Around Us
 I'm glad to hear that. Remember to use a red pen.
Lesson 8: I Love My Country
David likes model ships, doesn't he? Please try some more bulgogi.
Lesson 9: What Do You Want to Be?
That's a good idea. I want to hold a piano concert.
Lesson 10: Draw Our Future
I think that cars will fly in the sky someday. Do you mean 4D movies?
Review 2
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Grade 2 Lee Suk Jae
Lesson 1: New Year, New Start
I'm really looking forward to it. I'm worried about the speech contest.
Lesson 2: Love Makes the World Beautiful
Let me use your phone. Thank you for your present.
Lesson 3: How Did Ancient People Live?
Do you remember the last question? I'm planning to do my history homework.
Lesson 4: Interesting English Expressions
That's a pity. I believe everything will be okay.
Lesson 5: Friendship in Sports
Don't be dissapointed. Yes, I agree.
Review 1
Lesson 6: Teen Voice
Why don't you tell him about it? I don't know how to apologize to my friend.
Lesson 7: Food Around the World
I'm glad you like it. Do you want some more pizza?
Lesson 8: What Is Justice?
It's not fair! What do you think?
Lesson 9: Fly into Space
Have you heard of the movie, Attack from Mars? I'm curious about the universe.
Lesson 10: The Challenges of Artists
Maybe she will be the best ballet dancer. Are you sure?
Review 2
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Grade 3 Lee Suk Jae
Lesson 1: How Special You Are!
I'm sure you'll be amazed by his drumming skills. I can't wait to play with a great drummer like him.
Lesson 2: The Green Movement
 It's important to remember that little things can make a big difference for the Earth. Remind me to  bring one for myself.
Lesson 3: The Wonder of Animals
That interests me a lot. Is it possible that a plant can eat insects?
Lesson 4: Arts on Stage
Which do you prefer,  comedies or tragedies? Do you mind searching for a good place?
Lesson 5: I Don't Agree with You!
In my opinion,  CCTV cameras take away our privacy. Iím annoyed that someone took my cell phone when I was in the library.
Review 1
Lesson 6: Enjoy the Outdoors!
Let me help you. I suggest that  you hold the frisbee parallel to the ground and then throw it.
Lesson 7: Yes, You Can!
The reporter said that his finger had been broken in a matcher earlier today. Let's keep our fingers crossed for him.
Lesson 8: Symbols Around the World
I'm thinking of giving this umbrella to Feng as a birthday gift. You'd better not eat give this to her.
Lesson 9: Space: The Unknown World
I wish I could see the launch in person. What do you mean by that?
Lesson 10: The Beauty of Korean Culture
I'm surprised that its color is so beautiful and soft. I've been told that it remains a mystery.
Review 2
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Grade 1 - Middle School English 1 (2017 Edition w/ Judy Yin)
Lesson 1: This is Me!
Lesson 2: Think Safe, Act Safe
Lesson 3: Helping Hands
Lesson 4: Share Your Travel Story
Special Lesson 1: Whatís Your Dream Job?
Lesson 5: Count on You, Math!
Lesson 6: Tasty World
Lesson 7: Green is Great!
Lesson 8: Go for It!
Special Lesson 2: Find the True King!
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Grade 2 - Middle School English 2 (2018 Edition w/ Judy Yin)
Lesson 1: Suit Your Taste!
Lesson 2: Half a World Away
Lesson 3: I Wonder Why, I Wonder How
Lesson 4: Your Only Limit Is You
Lesson 5: Explore Your Feelings!
Lesson 6: Doors to the Wild
Lesson 7: Art Around Us
Lesson 8: Changes Ahead
Special Lesson: The Stone
Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews
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Re: Lee Suk Jae (BiSangGyoYook Publisher) Grade 1, 2 and 3
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VERY IMPORTANT: The questions in this textbook are in Korean, as a cursory glance will tell you. Once the program is loaded onto your computer, though, you can CLICK ON THE KOREAN QUESTIONS AND THEY TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH. Don't mean to yell, but I get the feeling nobody would have told me that if I hadn't stumbled upon it accidentally.
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Re: BiSangGyoYook Mass Index (Lee Suk Jae/Judy Yin 2017)
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This index has been updated to reflect the addition of the 2017 Judy Yin addition of the book. Please post your lesson materials under the lesson threads accordingly. Review sections have also been added for the older book editions.
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Re: BiSangGyoYook Mass Index (Lee Suk Jae/Judy Yin 2017)
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Re: BiSangGyoYook Mass Index (Lee Suk Jae/Judy Yin 2017)
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Here's the new book + lessons for Grade 2:

Middle School English 2

Lesson 1 - Suit Your Taste!
Lesson 2 - Half a World Away
Lesson 3 - I Wonder Why, I Wonder How
Lesson 4 - Your Only Limit Is You
Lesson 5 - Explore Your Feelings!
Lesson 6 - Doors to the Wild
Lesson 7 - Art around Us
Lesson 8 - Changes Ahead
Special Lesson - The Stone