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Past Progressive at the Party Pom Pom
« on: November 09, 2012, 12:22:34 pm »
Time to share...

I came across Adam Buxton's video for his Party Pom Pom song and thought I'd make a lesson out of it. I decided to do past continuous/progressive but it would probably suit other tenses too. I've taught a lesson a few times this week so here's how it went.

Show the video
Worksheet (can be done individually, in pairs, or simply students copying from the PPT)
Speaking practise - this consisted of students asking and answering, 'What were you doing [insert time past]?' 'I was' - for the speaking I used my stash of flashcards for hobbies and chores, e.g. wash the car, play tennis, fix my bike, etc. or you could give each student a picture of an object and they have to make a sentence related to it

Feedback after teaching it: Was a little tricky stretching it out to 45 mins so account for a few spare minutes but I asked some of the weaker students to produce sentences and it seemed like good practise. I've taught it for 1st and 2nd grade middle school so far.

Good luck  ;D